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Enhance Raspberry Pi Zero Functionality with PoE USB HUB HAT

Want to power up the Raspberry Pi Zero by ethernet cable and need to add some extra USB ports to it then PoE USB HUB HAT would be the best for you. This HUB comes with two USB Type-A and one USB Type-C ports along with the ethernet port. This HUB can add extra functionality to the Raspberry Pi Zero as one can connect the number of devices which will increase the number of applications for which it can be used.

Specification of PoE USB HUB HAT

One should always look for the specification before buying any accessory for Raspberry Pi as some accessories might not be compatible with your Pi. The table below shows the specification of PoE/USB Hub Hat followed by the image that gives the illustration of specifications of the hub

Specifications PoE USB HUB HAT
Form Factor 23.1mm x 65mm
Ports 3 USB Type-A, 1 USB Type-C and one Ethernet Port (RJ45)
Pogo Pins 2 USB data pins, 1 GND pin and 1 PWR pin

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Using PoE USB HUB HAT with Raspberry Pi Zero

To use PoE USB HUB HAT with Raspberry Pi just place your Raspberry Pi Zero on the HUB and tight all the four screws firmly. Next, connect the Raspberry Pi Zero with the supply either using its USB Type-C port or by using the ethernet port.

One of the main features of this USB HUB is that it neither uses the GPIOs nor uses any port of the Raspberry Pi Zero to connect with it as there are pogo pins on the HUB that connect automatically once the Raspberry Pi Zero is placed on the HUB.

Using the ethernet to power your Raspberry Pi Zero will also remove the hassle of having a power adapter just plug in your ethernet cable into the USB hub, for further details on using ethernet for powering your Raspberry Pi read this guide.


Using a PoE/USB HUB HAT with Raspberry Pi Zero is quite easy just place the Raspberry Pi Zero on the HUB and connect the Pi with power supply. This HUB can be used if you need more USB ports with Raspberry Pi boards, also this HUB comes with an ethernet port that can be used not only for connecting the Raspberry Pi Zero with the internet but can also be used to power up the Raspberry Pi Zero. This HAT is also compatible with Raspberry Pi Zero W 2.

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