How to Enchant in Minecraft

An enchantment is a process in Minecraft that can give you special powers and abilities that you didn’t have before. It can really help when you are fighting different mobs, as different mobs deal different kinds of damage to you. So you can enhance your gaming experience if you use the right enchantment at the right time.

In order to perform any kind of enchantment, an anvil must be made first, and we will provide you with all the information on how to make this item and later we will discuss how to enchant in the game as well.

Materials Required to Make an Anvil

You can make the anvil by placing 4 iron ingots and 3 blocks of iron on the crafting table. To make the iron ingot you need to first find the iron ore that is widely spread in the caves, mountains, and underground area.

Now to gather the iron ore you need to have at least the stone pickaxe or any other of higher level and you can’t gather it using a wooden pickaxe. Now the next item you need is the furnace which is a necessary item to make iron ingots which you can make by placing 8 cobblestones on the crafting table.

Now place iron ore and wooden  logs in a furnace to make iron ingots:

The next item that you need is 3 blocks of iron and you can make one by placing 9 blocks of iron ingots on a crafting table.

After getting the required items, you can make an anvil by using 4 iron ingots and 3 blocks of iron.

If you don’t know about the enchantment books, then let me give you a brief explanation as with these books you will get a variety of different powers which you can’t achieve in any other way. You can find these books by trading with the librarian. A librarian can be made by placing the lectern close to the villager that can be easily found in the village biome.

You can make a lectern by using 4 wooden planks and 1 bookshelf.

Now you can trade your desired book by clicking on the librarian where you will see two options that can be seen below.

How to Enchant in Minecraft

Now when you place the anvil on the ground and click on it you will see two slots.

On the first slot, you need to place the item that you need to enchant and on the second slot the enchantment book that you need to perform on the item.

Let me give you an example and do the loyalty enchantment on the trident that you can use for attacking purposes. We got the loyalty enchantment book from the librarian and then we placed the book and the trident in the anvil for the enchantment.

We have done The next enchantment is on boots which is one of the main items of defense.

We can derive from the above two examples that you can do the enchantments on the defensive as well as on attacking items. All we need is enchantment books from the librarian and an anvil to perform the enchantment on any item.


Enchanting the items in Minecraft gives new abilities to them and for enchanting tools and weapons, you require various items. Anvil is an item that you can use to do any kind of enchantment in the Minecraft game. All the details and guidelines to make the anvil have been discussed in this article. There are a variety of enchantments available in the game that you need to explore and make some that suit you well.

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