How to Embed Video in WordPress

This tutorial explains how to embed video in WordPress sites easily.

By including videos in your articles, you can increase your content value for users. Many users decide to play embedded videos, especially when written content isn’t demonstrative enough for users to understand.

After reading this article, you will know how to embed videos in WordPress articles or pages easily and using different methods.

All steps described in this article include screenshots to make it easy for all WordPress users to follow them.

Embedding Video in WordPress Posts Using Video URL

To begin, login into your WordPress dashboard, and on the left menu move your mouse cursor over Posts and on the displayed submenu press All Posts as shown in the following screenshot.

On the Posts list page, you can create new posts by pressing the Add New button, or you can edit an existing post, depending on your needs. If you want to edit an existing post, move your mouse pointer over the post you want the video to be added to, and press the Edit option.

Once you have the post open, paste the video URL where you want the video to be shown within your content, just right click and paste it, or press Ctrl+X.

As you can see, the video will show up as shown in the screenshot below.

Select the video with your mouse, and on the right menu you will see additional options. For example, to resize your video for small devices.

Also, when selecting your video by clicking it, you will see a small menu as shown below. Press the video icon and you will see additional options. For example, if you want to show the video URL instead of embedding your video, you can press the Paragraph option.

Once you finish placing your video, press the Publish/Update button to apply changes.

Embedding Video in WordPress Posts with iframe

You also can embed videos in WordPress using iframes. This section shows how to get the video iframe, and how to embed it in WordPress.

To begin, open the video you want to embed. For this example, I will use YouTube again. In the case of YouTube, below the video you will see a SHARE button, press it.

The small window shown below will show up. It allows you to share your video by embedding it through WhatsApp, social media and more.

To get the iframe code to embed in WordPress, press the code (<>) icon.

The iframe code will show up. To copy it, press the COPY button shown below.

After copying the iframe, open the WordPress dashboard. If you want to embed the video in a post, move your mouse pointer over Posts on the left menu, and then press All Posts. If you want to share it through a page instead of a post, then on the left menu move your mouse pointer over Pages and press All Pages. The example below shows again how to embed it on a post.

Add a new post, or edit an existing one depending on your needs (Use the Add New button, or the Edit link on the article you want to edit).

On the post you want the video to be added, move your mouse pointer over an empty block or place within your content to make the + symbol show up as shown below and press it.

The following menu will show up.

In the search field type “html” and when the HTML Custom HTML button shows up, press it.

After pressing the HTML option, you will see a section where you can paste the iframe code you got from YouTube.

Paste the iframe code.

Then you will see your video embedded in your post.

Embedding Vimeo Videos in WordPress:

Like YouTube, Vimeo is a very popular video platform. You can embed videos on YouTube by just copying the URL as shown in the first section of this tutorial. But Vimeo includes additional settings you can try.

To begin, open the Vimeo video you want to share on your site, and press the share icon (See the black arrow in the screenshot below).

The Share this video window will provide you a link you can copy within your article.

Below, you will see the iframe to embed on your site, as shown by the two arrows in the following image. If you want to share through a link, just copy it and paste within your site.

If you choose to embed the video in WordPress using the iframe, take in account there are additional settings you can see by pressing the + Show options option as shown below.

As you can see, among the available options there are responsiveness, fixed size, title, AutoPlay, loop, description and more. You can select the options you want for your video.

Once you finish defining your video characteristics, copy and paste the iframe code.

Then, on the post or page you want to embed the video, move your mouse cursor over an empty section of your content for the + symbol to show up and press it.

On the prompting menu, type html in the search field, and press the HTML Custom HTML box.

You will see a section to paste the iframe code as shown in the image below.

Paste the Vimeo iframe code.

Now, when you publish or update your content, the video will show up where you pasted the code.


Embedding videos in WordPress is an easy task and knowing how to do it is mandatory for all WordPress users. As said previously, including videos in your content is a good method to add value to it. Sharing videos in your WordPress content is so simple as sharing images; anyone can do it by following the instructions explained above. This tutorial used YouTube and Vimeo as examples, but the process is the same for all video platforms allowing to share media. Feel free to reproduce the same steps with any other video platform.

Thank you for reading this tutorial explaining how to embed a video in WordPress. Keep following us for additional WordPress professional tips.

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