Elegoo Saturn – A Worth buying 3D Printer?

Five to six years ago it was difficult to imagine that 3D printing would be accessible to everyone at a considerably affordable price. But now the market is flooded with small 3D printing machines at economical rates and you can buy one easily. One of the best 3D printing machines in the market right now is the Elegoo Saturn and we have reviewed it for the people who are thinking of buying it.

Elegoo Saturn Review

To get to know about all the quarks and features of any device we have to analyze it on the basis of its design, features, and some similar aspects. So, to give an extensive review of the Elegoo Saturn I have divided it in four categories that are:

Specifications and features

When buying a device, the most important factor is its specifications and features as these greatly influence one’s decision. So, let’s talk about the specifications of this Elegoo Saturn, it comes with a 4K, 8.9 inches print bed monochrome masking LCD panel. There is an ethernet port and a USB port provided at the back of the printer to connect it with other devices. To interact with the printer there is a small color screen of 3.5 inches at the front of the printer.

To keep the printer cool there are two fans on the back one on each side and to power up there is a power jack provided at the back along with the ON/OFF button. There is also a semi-transparent red box made of acrylic to cover the resin as well as to keep the UV light away.

Now coming to its features: this printer comes with a software known as Chitubox that changes your 3D design file to a format in which the printer can understand it. This software comes with a lot of features and also tells you an estimate of how much quantity of the resin you need. For printing, this machine uses Masked Stereolithography Apparatus (MSLA) technology which exposes the entire layer to the UV light.

Setting up the printer

To set up the printer there is not much of the setting required as you just need to adjust the print plate by moving its screw using the Allen key and the leveling paper provided with the printer. There is a user manual provided with it that you can follow quite easily. The resin plate is mounted on the top which reduces the chance of spilling of the resin and has a proper drain for the left-over material. To print your desired object, connect your USB or computer with the printer and click on the print option from the printer’s LCD. The following are the items you get with Elegoo Saturn:

  • Two pair of gloves
  • A measuring flask for resin
  • Two face masks
  • One resin scraper
  • Some bolts and nuts
  • One clamper
  • One USB

In short setting up the Elegoo Saturn is quite easy as all the necessary tools and installation guide comes with it.

Print quality

Another thing that is necessary to look for buying the Elegoo Saturn is the print quality of the printed objects, so the objects printed by the Elegoo Saturn have no detailing issues nor are they easily breakable though it takes a long time to build objects. There are various resins (water washable/alcohol washable) available that you can use for 3D printing; it is suggested to use water washable resins.

Printing speed

If you are looking for a fast-printing 3D machine and quality doesn’t concern you much, then the Elegoo Saturn might not be the best buy for you as it takes a lot of time in printing but there is minimum to zero quality issue. However, the printers that use the fused deposition modeling can print faster but they have some quality issues.

From the above review we can deduct the following points about Elegoo Saturn:

  • Good quality printing of objects
  • Takes longer time to print
  • specific tool kit is provided with it
  • Best for professionals


Buying an efficient and reliable 3D printer can be a cumbersome process as there are a whole bunch of manufacturers that are making the 3D printing machines. For the people who are interested in buying a good 3D printing machine then they might consider the Elegoo Saturn 3D printer as it is easy to use and prints High quality objects. Overall the print quality of the objects is remarkable but the printing speed is quite slow compared to other printers and the resins are quite costly.

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