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Download Realtek Audio Drivers for Windows 7/10/11

Drivers are programs or software that help the operating system to manage the external components and also enable communication among them. More specifically, the “Realtek audio driver” permits the Windows operating system to interact with audio devices, such as Microphones, speakers, handsets, internal sound cards, and DTS sound systems.

This article will elaborate on how to download the Realtek audio driver for Windows.

How to Download Realtek Audio Drivers for Windows 7/10/11?

The Realtek audio driver is already installed in Windows 10 and 11. If it is not installed or uninstalled due to some reason, Windows will automatically prompt you to reinstall it. However, sometimes it gets crashed or is uninstalled on the system. In such scenarios, it is required to install the Realtek audio driver manually. For this purpose, go through the steps listed below.

Step 1: Download Realtek Audio Driver Installer
First, navigate the Realtek official website, choose the Realtek driver, and download it:

Mark the highlighted checkbox to accept all terms and conditions of the Realtek website to download the installer and hit the “Download this file” button:

Alternatively, for fast downloading, navigate Realtek’s other website by utilizing the attached link and download the compatible Realtek audio driver for Windows:

Step 2: Execute the Installer
Open the “Downloads” directory and run the Realtek audio driver installer:

Step 3: Install Realtek Audio Driver
Installer will automatically extract the driver’s files and packages as shown below:

To continue Realtek audio driver installation, hit the “Next” button:

After that, the new wizard will show the instructions or steps that will be followed by the installer. The installer will first uninstall the current audio driver. Then, reboot the system to install a new Realtek audio driver. To proceed further, press the “Next” button:

Mark the below-highlighted radio to reboot the system and hit the “Finish” button:

Upon doing so, the system will be restarted and the Realtek audio driver will be installed automatically.

How to Update Realtek Audio Driver on Windows?

In order to update the Realtek audio driver or to install it automatically without using any installer, look at the given steps.

Step 1: Device Manager
Launch the Device Manager app from the Start menu:

Under the “Audio input and outputs” sub-menu, the Realtek or other audio driver will be found:

Step 2: Update Realtek Audio Driver
Right-click on the Realtek audio driver you want to update and choose the “Update driver” option:

Next, to install or update the driver by searching it automatically, press the “Search automatically for drivers” option:

The output indicates that we already have the best driver for Windows:

This is all about the installation of Realtek audio drivers for Windows.


To download the Realtek audio driver for Windows, first, install driver from its official website. After that, execute the installer to install the Realtek audio driver. This installer will automatically remove the currently installed audio driver and install the new Realtek audio driver for Windows. This post has demonstrated the method for installing Realtek audio drivers.

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