How to use Discord Server Rules Template

Using the Discord server template feature, you can easily migrate your community to a Guilded server. Want to save your precious time while setting your new Guilded server? If yes, then you can utilize the existing templates of your Discord server.

When Discord was launched in the software industry, it styled itself as a chatting platform for gamers. However, its extensive functionalities have made it a perfect tool for a series of communication activities. You can create a new Discord server template or the existing ones for building a one-of-kind community on Discord. Using the existing server templates will clone all of your roles, channels, permissions, and categories to the new server.

In this write-up, we will demonstrate the procedure of creating and using Discord server templates manually. Moreover, we will also demonstrate to you the procedure of using existing server templates from the Discord page. So, let’s start!

How to create a Discord server template

If you want to create a Discord server template, then either you should be a server owner or have a role that comprises “Manage Server” permission:

Now, select your Discord server for which you are going to create a template and then from the “Server Settings” menu, click on the “Server Template” option:

Here, you can write out the title and description for your Discord server template and then click on the “Generate Template” button:

How to use Discord server template

Discord also allows you to preview the generated Discord server template before sharing it. To do so, click on the “Preview Template” button:

The preview template option provides you the facility to upload your server image and view template channels, their roles, and permissions:

After finalizing your Discord server template, you can now share it on your Discord server by copying its link:

Sharing the server template permits your server members to use the same template on their Discord:

How to delete Discord server template

If you are not satisfied with the created Discord server template or want to change it before sharing, you can delete the existing server template and create a new one.

To delete the created template of your Discord server, click on the “Delete Template” button:

A confirmation dialog box will now appear on your screen asking that if you are sure about deleting the Discord server template, click on the “Delete Template”:

How to use online Discord server templates

In the previous section, we demonstrated the procedure of manually creating a Discord server template and how you can use it. What if you want to use the already created sample server templates? Well, Discord can assist you in this regard as it provides various server online templates.

Discord divided its templates into five different categories: hobbies and creators (book clubs), local communities (dance classes), study groups, family and friends, and global communities (digital conventions).

To use any server template belonging to the category of dance, book club, digital convention, or study, explore the Discord server templates page:

According to our requirement, we have selected the “Study Groups” Discord server template. You can use any of the available templates according to your preferences:

After selecting the “Study Groups Template” in the opened window, we will click on the “Continue to Discord” button:

Go back to your Discord system application, and you will see the following window:

Here, you can upload an image as your Discord server image:

Also, check out the text and the voice channels of the embedded Discord server template and then click on the “Create” button:

Now, your Discord server template is ready to use. You can utilize this server template to text or voice chat with your server members:


Want to clone your Discord server channels, permissions, categories, and roles to a new server at once? Then, server templates on Discord let you do that in a time-saving manner. On Discord, you can create a manual server template and then share it with your friends and other server members. However, Discord also has a template page related to local and global communities, friends and family groups, creators, hobbies, or study groups templates. In this write-up, we have shown the method of manually creating and using your Discord server template. Moreover, we have also demonstrated how you can use the existing templates from the Discord template page.

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