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Best digital microscope for Linux

Calling out all the science enthusiasts, collectors, and all curious beans, if you like exploring the in-depth details of the microscopic world, then keep reading on. Having the best digital microscope on your table can change your game.

No longer will you have to world on getting the bulky microscopes in position or toy around with their lenses. The digital microscope lets you dive deep with its ability to connect to your PC or Laptop. Using these, you can capture any details to have it with you on the go, apart from the fantastic ergonomics of the digital microscope.

While digital microscopes that are compatible with Windows and macOS are readily available, for his article, we have consolidated digital microscopes for Linux. Read on for our reviews of the top five products.

Reviewing the Top Ranked Microscopes for Linux

#1 Plugable USB 2.0 Digital Microscope

The first specimen in the list to the best digital microscopes for Linux is by Plugable. They offer 2.0 megapixels, and its magnification goes up to 250x. The design features a flexible arm to adjust the length and focus precisely onto the objects. The stand is quite compact and has a sturdy base. It’s cylindrical lens compartment aids in holding the device and adjusting the length. Moreover, there is a camera button on top that snaps any visual on the lightest touch. So, you can have the close visual, under the perfect focus and lighting without getting up from your chair. It comes with Halo light and brightness adjustment control to allow you to see better.

This digital microscope utilizes a webcam chipset along with a sensor that makes it able to support any operating system. You can get this microscope working using the standard webcam software. However, there may be extra setup needed with the Linux and Oculus Rift Software. The Plugable can be utilized with various operating systems. These include Windows, MAC, OS X, and even Linux.

For optimal performance, use it with Linux Distros with kernel 2.6.26 and above as they have a built-in UVC support. It also works well on Raspberri PI with Raspbian Jessie which is a stable version of Debian. We recommend using GTK or Cheese along with UVC Viewer. Overall, this digital microscope is for all students, collectors, testers, or anyone curious in an affordable range.

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#2 Opti-Tekscope Digital USB Microscope Camera

This uniquely fashioned digital microscope fulfills the true meaning of the high definition. The Opti-Tekscope comes with a CMOS Sensor that results in high definition 1600 x 1200 resolution to aid the user in seeing finer details. All you need to do is plug and play through its USB cable into your computer. Adding to it, it can be supported by Linux, Windows 10, or Chromebook and Mac. To be able to run this digital microscope, all you need to do is run the camera app or photobooth application.

The construction of this digital microscope, off the bat, is phenomenal. It’s fashioned from Aluminium, which makes it durable and long-lasting. It also renders the weight of this device lighter and easier to move around. To ease your setup, Tekscope provides a full-size software and instruction disc, along with the main microscope. That’s not all! The microscope also has built-in 8 LED lights for you to visualize more accurately. You can adjust light and height for a better-focused image. This system not only lets you capture images, but it also allows you to record live videos!

We tried the webcam on Linux Camarama Webcam Viewer, which works just as fine as Cheese application. It displays all the images in three different views; small, medium, and large. That said, be it anything you wish to capture, rare coins, or the credibility of your bills, Tekscope will not disappoint. However, it’s rather on the pricey side.

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#3 USB Digital Microscope by Bysameyee

Another worthy contender to this list is the handheld microscope by Bysameyee. You can view a variety of stuff in high definition from this handheld microscope, including dead insects, chipboards, or even your skin! The light adjustable design makes it so easy to handle. It has a 360 revolving base and 180-degree torque to move the camera up and down. Overall this device measures 4.5 inches in length and 1.2 inches in diameter.

It has 8 LED Lights to aid your vision, a snap button to capture the precise angle or moment that you desire, and 40X – 1000X magnification. Which allows you to see even the minute shards of thread on any fabric. To be able to explore various angles, there is a rotary button on the side to aid the user.

That’s not all! It comes with its own kit, carrying a user manual to get started, a ruler to measure any minute measurements, a type C adaptor benefiting connectivity and a CD driver. It can work alongside many operating systems, including Android Phones with OTG, Mac OS X 10.5 Windows XP, and the trustworthy Linux kernels 2.6.26 and above. However, the device lacks in features, and the minute diameter of the lens prevents it from viewing items like coins on a full scale.

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#4 Opti Tekscope Digital USB Microscope Camera

This is another Opti Tekscope Digital USB microscope backed with a CMOS sensor. The explicable sensor aids it with a high definition resolution of 1600 x 1200. Allowing you to explore in-depth details and explore the microscopic world.

The Tekscope comes with a very professional and sophisticated design. Crafted from Aluminium, it owns a durable frame and a solid base for you to examine specimens on. Be it for light use at home or the busy day at the office, Opti-Tekscope can be taken anywhere due to its lightweight and storage-friendly structure.

All you need to do is plug it in and rev up the Camera App to get it running. This microscope can be supported by the ever-famous Linux, Windows 10, and Mac. Moreover, there is a full-sized software and instruction disc for you to get started. To be able to examine and explore through the USB cable provided with it. This enables you to capture BMP images or live AVI videos.

To aid the visual of your specimen, there are 8 LED lights to brighten and adjust according to your settings. However, this item has a wavering focus that lacks uniformity and has jerky structure adjustments. But so far, the product lives up to its medium-priced expectations.

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#5 OMAX Lab Digital Microscope

The advanced compound trinocular microscope offered by OMAX is fully equipped with up to 2500mp of magnification. The equipped camera on this microscope is USB 2.0. The USB digital imaging system on this microscope offers 4096 x 3288 pixels resolution along with LED illumination.

This product is designed to cater to a broad range of purposes. For instance, it is fully functional for advanced research, day-to-day laboratory usage, and for demonstrations in lectures or seminars. Its all-round approach regarding its usage and practicality, making multiple operations less cumbersome. Product durability is such that due to the simple mechanical structure, it provides not only smooth handling, but it also offers increased flexibility.

The structural design is fashioned of a relatively broad base with an elongated flexible arm along with adjustable trinocular ports. As far as accessibility is concerned, the lenses installed in the microscope are manufactured from high-quality optical glass, which enhances the resolution. Not forgetting its crystal-clear imagery due to it.

Like other digital scopes mentioned on this list, it is also compatible with Linux. All in all, this is an exceptional device for daily usage, however additional software should be purchased to link the camera simultaneously, which puts another bill on your budget.

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Buyer’s Guide

The boundaries of use for digital microscopes are limitless. Not just the students or collectors can benefit from it. Still, even in day to day life, an average Joe goes through a lot of things that intrigue interest. Whatever use may it be, there are certain factors that a digital microscope must have to be able to rightfully be called one.

Operating systems: A decade ago, you would have had trouble finding a Linux digital microscope. However, thanks to the ever-evolving digital ecosystem, most of the digital microscopes available today are compatible with Linux.

Lens and Focus: The lens is the most vital factor of the best digital microscope. It is nice to have a handheld design but make sure to take note of the lens diameter. It is quite crucial to have a wide-scale lens for optimum viewing. The higher the resolution and megapixels, the better the digital microscope. Another aspect to keep in your mind is the focusing span of digital microscope. Adjusting the length does aid in the focusing ability, no doubt. But while viewing some digital microscope, have a certain area of focus while having others blurred out. Steer very clear of this issue! You don’t want a wide lens but a bad focus now, do you?

Ability to capture and record: It is not the nineteenth century that we draw the images seen on microscopes. The best digital microscope will not only associate with your device’s operating system smoothly, but it will also let you record and capture without hassle. Many models have a button to quickly snap a photo or record when wanted. It’s always a plus to record LIVE videos to show your fellows later.

Connection: A USB cable is a contemporary way of connecting your microscope to your working station. However, the best digital microscope will also aid you in having a USB C connector too. This aids you to connect the microscope to your new age phones and laptops.

Resolution: The saving grace of any digital microscope is its resolution. A wider range of resolution will allow you to focus more and see the tiniest of details. Do not forget to check the resolution before you decide to buy it.


Be it the fancy new chipboard set you bought, a dead weird insect you found on your pet, or the general worry about the wellbeing of your skin, a digital microscope has endless uses. The above-mentioned pieces are in line with any revived systems that run on Linux specifically, or Windows and Mac. We hope our buyer’s guide has given you a general idea of what to look for in the best digital microscope for Linux. Don’t wait. Grab one ASAP to explore the tiny details hidden from plain sight.

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