What are the differences between JavaScript and PHP

There are many different languages being used for the objective of developing web applications such as HTML and CSS. JavaScript and PHP are two others that are often compared with each other due to their similar yet so different nature.

In this article let us have a look at what similarities these languages have as well as what sets them both apart from each other.

How does JavaScript Differ from PHP?

Below are a few of the numerous differences that exist between between these two web development languages.

JavaScript PHP
This language can be combined with many others such as AJAX, HTML, and XML. This language can only be incorporated with HTML and no other language.
The files of this language are saved with “.js”. The files of this language are saved with “.PHP”.
The JavaScript language was developed in 1995. In 1994 the PHP language was inventeded.
This language only does client-side scripting. This language only does server-side scripting.
JS is commonly in use to implement back-end as well as front-end of a website. PHP is commonly used only to implement the back-end of any web application.
It can run on the majority of the supported browsers. It only runs on a server.
This language is not very secure. This language is extremely secure.
The performance of this language is very fast. The performance of this language is a little slow as compared to JS.
This language is case-sensitive in functions. This language is not case-sensitive in functions.
This language does not update any files on the server. This language can easily update files on the server.
This language can not be supported by any database. This language supports the use of databases.

Similarities between JavaScript and PHP

Even though it is not a fair comparison to be made between JavaScript and PHP since these two are fundamentally different programming languages, we will show you why they are more similar than you think.

Web development
Both of these languages were developed and are being used for the purpose of web development even though they perform different functions.

Both of these languages are object-oriented. What this means is that any sort of programming that is done in these languages is based on the fundamental concept of an object. An object contains a combination of all the relevant data related to that object.

Needs HTTP
Both PHP and JavaScript require the existence of HTML. To properly execute they both need proper relevant HTML code to be present.

Open source
Both of these languages are open source. This means that their core code has not been protected and is open for the public to access, use and change as they desire.

Exceptional handling
Both PHP and JavaScript provide plenty of features in their syntax for the purpose of exception handling. Exception handling is the method of handling any sort of error that occurs while executing the language.


PHP is the language used on the server side for creating and editing the functionality of a server according to the needs of the user. JavaScript on the other hand is a programming language designed for the client side that helps the user implement functionality to their frontend HTML/CSS code. In this article, you have seen how these languages stand against each other but still are so similar to each other.

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