What is the Difference Between SDK and CDK in AWS?

Cloud Development Kit (CDK) is used to build software and application to launch or manage cloud services and resources. Whereas, Software Development Kit (SDK) can be used to build software with the help of libraries available on the kit.

This guide will explain AWS SDK and CDK tools with their differences.

What is AWS SDK?

AWS Software Development Kit (SDK) contains all the tools used to build, manage, and control any software on the cloud platform. It offers many programming languages so the user creates his software in the desired language to avoid complications. More specifically, the Amazon cloud platform offers SDK containing lines of code (libraries) to help the software development process:

Benefits of SDK

SDK offers many advantages and some of which are mentioned below:

  • SDK is used to operate AWS services using programming languages.
  • It provides secure conduct with the help of Access and Secret key.
  • It provides language-specific APIs (a set of libraries).

What is AWS CDK?

AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) is revolutionizing the way of creating, configuring, and deploying cloud resources on the platform. It allows the user to create infrastructure on the cloud to manage AWS resources using programming languages. It has been a huge improvement to the other methods like using AWS manually on the console or using CloudFormation:

Benefits of CDK

Some of the important benefits of AWS CDK are mentioned below:

  • It provides Control flow structures like Conditional statements, loops, etc.
  • It supports object-oriented techniques for programming languages.
  • It supports building reusable components and sharing them.
  • It can be used to integrate the project into a simpler logical component:


Cloud Development Kit (CDK) is a framework to operate cloud services whereas the Software Development Kit (SDK) uses libraries to use cloud services. Both SDK and CDK can be used to build code with the help of libraries to manage and control AWS resources outside the platform.


AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) is used to define cloud application resources using the programming languages of your choice. Software Development Kit (SDK) contains all the tools needed to build and manage software using a programming language of your choice to avoid difficulties. This guide has explained both kits separately and then their differences.

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