What does depth strider do in Minecraft

There are different types of enchantments available in Minecraft that can either be used for defensive or attacking purposes. The goal of the enchantment is to provide you with new abilities that you didn’t have before such as a depth strider.

What does depth strider do in Minecraft

This enchantment works on the boots and is used to enhance your traveling speed while swimming underwater. There are lots of hidden treasures and valuable items available underwater but while exploring those you will also face some strong mobs such as axolotl and squids that can harm you easily. So this enchantment will help you a lot to escape from their attacks by using enhanced speed.

Materials required for depth strider enchantment

The required material for the depth strider is mentioned in the table below:

Now in the next section, we will show you how you can make these items.

How to Make an Anvil

The first required item for a depth strider is an Anvil; you can make this by placing 3 blocks of iron with 4 blocks of iron on a crafting table. Iron ore can be found in caves and mountains that you can extract by using a stone pickaxe. Later you can use these blocks to make iron ingots as well by placing them in a furnace and putting any kind of fuel in it and wooden logs could be the easiest choice.

How to Make Boots

There are a variety of shoes available in the game and one of them is the iron boots. The reason for using these boots is that you have already gathered some iron ingots for the anvil and this is the only item that is needed to make these as well.

How to Get the Enchantment Book

You can get this item by trading with a librarian by going into the village biome. There you will see many villagers and then you need to place the lectern close to them that will convert them into a librarian.

You can make the lectern by placing 4 wooden slabs and 1 bookshelf on a crafting table.

Now to trade with a librarian you need to click on him where you will see 2 items for trading. Keep on trading them until you find your desired item like the depth strider enchantment book in this case.

How to do the Depth Strider Enchantment on Boots

Place an anvil on the ground and then click on it where you will see two different slots. On the first one, you need to place the boots while on the second you need to place the book.

You can equip these boots by selecting them from your inventory and after equipping them you will see a major difference in speed while swimming underwater.


Depth strider is the name of the enchantment that can be done on the boots only. This is highly beneficial while traveling underwater as this will enhance the player’s speed. Players can travel a longer distance in less time and this will also save you from the attacks of the mobs by escaping them. In this guide, we discussed a detailed process of making and equipping a depth strider in Minecraft.

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