How do I delete all comments on WordPress?

This tutorial shows how to delete all comments on WordPress sites using different methods easily.

Disabling comments is an excellent option for commercial websites or easy spam targets.

After reading this tutorial, you will be able to delete and disable comments on your WordPress site. The methods included in this tutorial explain how to remove comments both from the dashboard settings and by implementing a plugin.

All steps described in this tutorial include screenshots, making it easy for any WordPress user level to apply them.

Deleting all comments on WordPress using dashboard settings:

To begin, log in to your WordPress dashboard and press the Comments option to show all comments.

Mark the box next to “Author” on the Comments screen to select all comments.

Display the dropdown menu for Bulk actions.

Press the Apply button to delete all comments.

You can also approve or unapproved comments when displaying the dropdown menu, as shown in the previous screenshot.

Deleting all comments on WordPress using a plugin:

You also can remove and disable comments by installing a plugin named Disable Comments (There are additional alternatives available).

To begin, log in to your WordPress dashboard and move the mouse over the Plugins option; press Add New (Plugins>Add New) on the displayed submenu.

Find the keyword search field on the Add Plugins page and type “disable comments.”

When available plugins show up, press the Install Now button on the Disable Comments plugin.

Once installed, enable it by pressing the Activate button as shown below.

After installing this plugin, comments on your site should be disabled by default. Check it by opening the plugin’s settings. For this, move your mouse pointer over the Settings option on the left menu and press Rb Disable Comments (Settings>Rb Disable Comments).

Ensure the Disable all comments option is selected, otherwise select it, then press the Save Changes button.

Now all comments are disabled on your WordPress site.

Other plugin alternatives:

WordPress offers a lot more alternatives to remove comments on your website.

Below you can find additional options to install. Some of which include more features and multi-site support.

You can find additional information on disabling WordPress comments here.


Deleting all comments on WordPress is an easy task, as you can see in previous instructions. Any WordPress user level can easily achieve this by following the steps explained in this article. WordPress offers additional plugins you can choose from if you want extra options. Keep in mind you can restore the removed comments. You also can enable back comments on your site by editing Rb Disable Comments settings.

Thank you for reading the above instructions to delete all comments on WordPress. Keep following us for additional WordPress tips and tutorials.

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