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How to Delete Unwanted Files on Raspberry Pi Using Czkawka

Czkawka is an open-source GUI tool that allows users to find and delete unwanted files in the system. People commonly use this tool to find and delete cache, temporary, and large files from the system. It also helps users delete files left behind by uninstalled applications or packages. 

Follow this article to install Czkawka on a Raspberry Pi system and free up space by deleting unwanted files.

Delete Unwanted Files on Raspberry Pi Using Czkawka

There is only one method to install Czkawka on the Raspberry Pi system: through the snap store. Follow the below-given steps to install Czkawka on the Raspberry Pi system through the snap store.

Step 1: Install Snap Daemon

First, install Snap Daemon by running the following “apt” command on the Raspberry Pi terminal:

$ sudo snap install snapd -y


Step 2: Install Core

Along with Snap Daemon, you must run the following command to install Snap Core since it helps you install the latest packages from the snap store.

$ sudo snap install core


Step 3: Install Czkawka from Snap Store

Now, you can install Czkawka on Raspberry Pi through the following snap command:

$ sudo snap install czkawka


Step 4: Ensure Czkawka Searches All Media Directories

By default, Czkawka only searches the files in the Raspberry Pi home directory. To make it searches in all removable media directories, you must run the following snap command:

$ sudo snap connect czkawka:removable-media


Step 5: Run Czkawka on Raspberry Pi

To run the Czkawka GUI tool on Raspberry Pi, go to the System Tools in the applications menu and click on the “Czkawka” option.

Click on the “Search” button to begin searching for duplicate files, empty directories, big files and more, which are highlighted in the image below:

Wait till Czkawka completes the search.

Now, you can pick files from the search, delete those not required on your system, and then click on the “Delete” button to remove them.

Remove Czkawka from Raspberry Pi

To remove Czkawka from Raspberry Pi, use the following command:

$ sudo snap remove czkawka



Czkawka is an effective GUI tool for removing unwanted files from the Raspberry Pi system and it can be installed easily through the snap store. After the installation, you can open the GUI tool from the applications menu in the System Tools option. You can search for files and delete them easily through this tool within a few seconds.

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