Dash to Dock – GNOME Shell Extension For Enhanced Dock

Dash to Dock extension v60 recently released, is an enhanced dash extension for GNOME Shell. It transforms your default linux dash into mac OS style dock, hence enhancing your ability to launch applications easily and provides a faster switching between windows and workspaces without leaving the desktop view. This helps to improve the workflow of your Linux system especially wherever GNOME 3 is running.

Furthermore, it supports autohide and intellihide modes as well as a fixed mode. If you like customizing your Ubuntu desktop, then you might want to give this a try. Before we proceed on how to install Dash to dock on Ubuntu, lets take a quick look at ite features.

GNOME Shell Dash to Dock

Dash To Dock Features

  • You can make dock either fixed and always available or turn it off. It comes with animation time and delays for auto hide
  • You can set the apply pressure to show the dock
  • Customize the dock to show on multiple screens
  • Apply the Adwaita theme
  • Set the dock background opacity
  • Switch workspace when scrolling over the dock
  • and a few more features

Dash To Dock v60 Changelog

  • New feature: implement windows thumbnails popup menu
  • New feature: implement monitor isolation for multi-monitor dock
  • Bugfix: Fix mouse trapped in monitor with fullscreen windows
  • Fix regression with click options
  • Tweak click action behaviour
  • Improve translations machinery
  • Improve extension inter-compatibility
  • Update German translation

How to install Dash to Dock (A dock for the Gnome Shell) on Ubuntu 17.04 and below

  • Download package from github
git clone
cd dash-to-dock/
make install
  • Reload Shell with following combinations
    Alt+F2 r Enter

     or run following command from terminal

# Install Gnome Shell if not already installed
sudo apt install gnome-shell

# Reload Gnome Shell
gnome-shell --replace
  • Enable Dash to Dock extension using gnome-tweak-tool. First install gnome tweak toll with following command
sudo apt install gnome-tweak-tool
  • Launch Gnome Tweak Tool > Click on the Extension tab > Enable Dash to dock

GNOME Shell Dash to Dock

  • Click on the setting gear icon and adjust the settings to your desire

GNOME Shell Dash to Dock

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