Customize Ubuntu Mate Desktop with Tweak Tool

New to CentOS and looking towards customizing it? Let’s see how to do that. So by default, CentOS 8 uses the Gnome Desktop environment. We will Tweak it using Gnome Tweak tools.

Customize Ubuntu Mate Desktop with Tweak Tool

Gnome Tweaks can be directly installed from the Gnome software app as it is accessible through the official package repository. Follow these steps to do it quickly:

  • Open the Gnome software app and search for Gnome tweaks. Click on the Gnome Tweaks once the results are available.
  • Now click on install.

The Gnome Tweaks are installed on your system now. To verify that, open the Application menu and search for Gnome Tweaks, and you will find the app installed.

Dark mode: First thing that people like to have on their system is Dark mode. To enable the dark mode, hover to the appearance option, and under the Themes section, select the Applications dropdown and select the Adwaita-dark. Feel the fresh look on your system

Desktop Icons: Some of the readers might want desktop icons. To enable them, go to the “Extensions” section and toggle on the “Desktop icons” extension. Now the icons will appear on your Desktop.

Minimize and maximize button: Coming from Windows, you might find it disturbing the title bar of CentOS doesn’t have to minimize Maximize buttons. To enable them to go to the “Windows” section and toggle on the minimize and maximize buttons, they will appear on the title bar. You can also customize the position of the title bar icons.

Places menu: Current version of Gnome doesn’t display the places menu on the taskbar by default. To enable that, go to the Extensions menu and toggle on the “places status indicator” extension.

Font: Fonts are strictly customized to one’s liking, So go to the fonts menu and make the desired changes, change the font type and font scaling.

Dock: Initially, Gnome doesn’t come up with the dock. To convert the dash menu to the dock, use the extension “Dah to Dock.” Go to the Gnome Software app and search for the dash to dock, and click on it in the results. On the next screen, click the install button. You will then see the dock on your screen after installing it. Go to the extensions menu in the tweak tools and configure it. You can change its shape, its position, and much more.

Panel: If you prefer a Panel more than a dash, we have a solution to that. Another extension is available in the software app that converts “dash to the panel,” Install it and enable it in the extensions section from Tweak tools and configure it desirably.

Wallpaper: Wallpaper is something that depicts what kind of use a person is. If you want to change the system wallpapers, go to the Desktop and right-click on it, select the change wallpaper option and choose if you want to change the background or the lock screen wallpaper. Now select the wallpaper you want to set, and you are done. If you want to set a downloaded image as wallpaper, open it and right-click on it, and choose the option “set as background,” and it will set that image as your wallpaper.

In Review

People like to customize their systems but couldn’t do it because of knowledge about the tweak tools. We hope that this will help you get the desirable look on the CentOS and help you use it more efficiently. For more such guides and tutorials, make sure to bookmark our website.

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