Who Created Java?

As we all know that today Java is the most popularly used programming language in the world. Just think about it, if a lot of people are using this programming language, then it’s definitely a valuable language that does many different things and has many different applications. Not only that you also find its support easier, but also it has a lot of pre-build libraries and pre-build code already done by the other developers. Java is getting stronger if you look at other languages that are released at the same time as java but they become obsolete and no longer useful.

Java is still standing and in demand because it continues adapting to fit the needs of the programmers for the current time. Java continuously made changes according to other language trends which really keeps the language relevant. Now you know how great Java is and how important it is. Now the question is have you ever thought about how to create this awesome language that is the base of almost every application today?

In this write-up, we will see

  • Who created Java?
  • How Java was named?
  • Why Java is created?
  • Implementation of Java

Who created Java?

James Gosling and his team created Java in 1991 at Sun microsystems company. His team’s other members are Mike Sheridan and Patrick Naughton. They call this project “The Green Project”. James gosling got the idea for creating JVM(which makes java machine-independent) when he was writing a code for Perq to translate Q-code for VAX assembler

How Java was named?

His team is known as the green team that’s why he named this language Green talk and its file extension was .gt.Then the name is later changed to OAK inspired by the tree which was outside his office. But this name is also changed because of the Copyright issues as this name is already registered for OAK Technologies. Then the Green team goes to an island in Indonesia where they heard the name Java which is originally the name of a coffee. James Gosling and his team liked this name so much that they changed the name of this language to Java in 1995 and also made a coffee cup as its logo.

Why Java was created?

Java is originally based on the syntax of C and C++ but it became more popular than C and C++ because although these two languages are known as powerful languages, these languages are platform-dependent. So, Java is designed to be platform-independent that’s why it has a tagline that says Write Once Run Anywhere (WORA). Java uses JVM(Java Virtual Machine) to compile and execute the program which makes Java Platform-Independent.

Implementation of Java

This language is originally designed to write programs for electronic devices like mobile phones, consoles, etc. That’s why in 1992, the Green team came up with the working demo of Java, which was the first application of this language for a device called Star Seven. Star Seven is very excellent and also has a touch screen similar to our smartphones today.

The first version of Java is JDK 1.0 which was released on January 23rd, 1996. Then in 2010, Sun Microsystems was acquired by Oracle which is a known company for Java-related affairs today.


Java was created by James Gosling and his team Green Talks, in 1991. This language is created to be platform-independent which makes it unique compared to C and C++. In this article, we have talked about the creation of Java and the reason for its creation along with its application in detail.

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