How to Craft Deepslate Tiles in Minecraft

Deepslate, the family of blocks was introduced in the most demanded update (1.17 caves and cliff). This block generates below Y=0 and overcomes the stone generation. It also has its ore variants like deepslate iron ore and many more. It was introduced in-game alongside blocks like Cobbled Deepslate, Polished Deepslate, Deepslate Tiles, and a bunch of other blocks. Today, our discussion will remain about the crafting of Deepsalte Tiles and their uses.

How to Craft Deepslate Tiles in Minecraft?

Deepslate Tiles can be found naturally inside ancient cities. To craft Deepslate Tiles, we essentially need cobbled deepslate, which can be obtained by mining it with any pickaxe, just to make sure it does not have a silk touch enchantment to it.

Follow these steps to craft Deepslate Tiles in Minecraft.

Step 1: Head to the area below Y=0 (I am using a ladder that I made previously for underground mining purposes).

Step 2: Once you reach below Y=0, you will find caves filled with deepslate blocks (end rods are just placed for lighting purposes).

Step 3: Select any area and start mining to obtain a Cobbled Deepslate block.

Step 4: Use 4 Cobbled Deepslate blocks to craft 4 Polished Deepslate blocks using a crafting table.

Step 5: Use these 4 Polished Deepslate blocks to make Deepslate Bricks.

Finally, these Deepslate Bricks can be used to make Deepslate Tiles in Minecraft.

Uses of Deepslate Tiles in Minecraft

Deepslate Tiles are versatile blocks, with some amazing uses, especially in different builds. Players can craft them into Deepslate Tile Stairs, Slabs, Walls, and also Deepslate Tiles. These blocks are categorized as building blocks and can add a new flare to your builds.

To craft Deepslate Tile Slabs, here is the crafting recipe. Just use three Deepslate Tiles blocks in a row on a crafting table to craft them.

For crafting 4 Deepslate Tile Stairs, use 6 of these blocks in a stair shape on the crafting table.

To craft Deepslate Tile Walls, use 6 of them as placed below using a crafting table.

If players have a stonecutter, they can also use it to craft any of the above-mentioned blocks with ease.

You can even smelt the Deepslate Tiles in a furnace to turn them into Cracked Deepslate Tiles blocks.


Deepslate Tiles are one of the exquisite blocks players can craft and obtain in Minecraft. Naturally found in ancient cities, players can also craft this block using Cobble Deepslate. The Cobble Deepslate is obtained by mining Deepslate with any pickaxe without silk touch. Then combine 4 cobble deepslate into Polished Deepslate, then combine those into Deepslate Brick Blocks. In the end, using a crafting table, they can be crafted into Deepslate Tiles. This block alongside its Slab, Stairs, Cracked and Wall variants can be used in different builds.

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