How to Connect Two Monitors to a Laptop

A laptop is an excellent source of entertainment for people of all ages. However, it always comes short of a big screen because of its portable nature, which doesn’t allow laptop vendors to produce large-screen laptops. In that scenario, the ideal solution would be to connect the large-screen monitors with your laptop so that you can perform your tasks on a much larger screen.

Connecting a single laptop would be an easy setup, but individuals who want a minimum of two monitors for multi-tasking purposes will undoubtedly need guidance. This tutorial will provide you with multiple techniques to connect two monitors to a laptop.

How to connect two monitors to a laptop

There are different ways through which you would be able to connect two monitors to a laptop and their details are provided below.

1: Using HDMI USB-C Dongles/Splitter

The advent of several USB-C dongles/splitters has offered users the ease to connect two monitors to a laptop. The dongles are also excellent additions for people who don’t have a working HDMI port on their laptops. You can easily attach the dongle using your laptop’s USB-C or Thunderbolt port and use two monitors displayed simultaneously with your laptop.

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2: Using Docking Stations

The docking station is a device that provides users the extra ports selection ability and they can quickly connect numerous peripherals with their laptop. To connect two monitors to a laptop, you will need to obtain a docking station that includes at least a single HDMI connection so that you will be able to link one monitor with your laptop using the docking station and the other monitor directly via your laptop’s HDMI port. If your laptop’s HDMI port isn’t operating correctly or missing, you will need to get a docking station with two HDMI ports.

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3: Using HDMI Switch Male to 2 HDMI Female

The HDMI switch would be the easiest and most economical method to connect two monitors to a laptop. It functions as a convertor by extending the HDMI port possibilities of your laptop. You can easily connect two monitors to a laptop utilizing the two HDMI female ends where you will need to insert the monitors’ HDMI cables. Afterwards, you can then connect the male port end to your laptop HDMI port to enjoy the two monitors’ display.

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Connecting a single monitor to a laptop is a pretty straightforward task but when you want to perform various tasks, you will need to acquire dual monitors. Due to the presence of only a single HDMI port in a laptop, you will need a device that will allow you to connect two monitors to your laptop. By following the above methods, you will easily learn how you can connect two monitors to a laptop and enjoy experiencing the dual monitor display.

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