How to connect Spotify to Discord

You can connect your Spotify account to Discord. The partnership between Spotify and Discord has made it easier for Discord users to listen to their favorite music tracks while playing games. This also states that now you can add and share your Spotify music with your server members and Discord friends.

The collaboration between Spotify and Discord permits its users to add and share their favorite tracks from Spotify to the Discord server. You can share the songs your current playing song with your friends by connecting Spotify with Discord account. However, to utilize this feature, you should have a premium Spotify account and your Spotify account should be connected to Discord.

We will demonstrate to you how you can connect Spotify to Discord on Desktop and Android systems in this write-up. So, let’s start!

How to connect Spotify to Discord on Desktop

Discord provides built-in support for connecting to Spotify. Therefore, you do not need any hacks, additional software installation, or bots to establish the connection.

To connect Spotify with your Discord Desktop application, firstly, click on the “gear” icon, indicating “User Settings”:

Under the opened user settings menu, look for the “Connections” category and open it:

In the connections window, you can connect accounts of various applications such as Spotify, Facebook, Steam, Youtube, and Twitter to your Discord account. In our case, we will connect Spotify with our Discord account by clicking on the Spotify icon:

Now, add the required credentials for logging in to your Spotify account:

Now, read out all terms that are provided to you on the web page and click “I Agree” to move ahead:

Congratulations! Now your Spotify account will be connected to your Discord:

The connected Spotify account will offer you two options: “Display on profile” and “Display Spotify as your status“. You can set these options according to your preferences that whether you want to permit other users to see what you are listening to or not:

After connecting Spotify account with Discord, when you play any music on the same system, your status on Discord will automatically change to “Listening to Spotify”:

Your Discord friends or server members can click on your username to check what kind of music you are listening to. In this way, they can also play the same music on their system by using the “Listen along” option, which means that the songs playing on your system will be played on their Spotify account as well.

You can also share a link with your friends or member in a channel to listen along with you using the “Invite to Listen to Spotify” option:

How to connect Spotify to Discord on Android

If you want to connect Spotify with your Discord application on the Android system, then you are at the right post!

On your Android system, tap on the user settings icon, which is located at the bottom right side of the Discord application:

Look for the “Connections” options in between different categories of user settings and tap on it:

Now, you will see an “ADD” button at the top right side of your screen; tap on it:

In between the list of different applications, select Spotify for establishing its connection to the Discord and unlocking special Discord integration:

Now, enter the required credentials such as your email address and password for login to your Spotify account:

If you have successfully performed all of the given steps, then till this point, your Spotify account should be connected to the Discord application:

After establishing a connection between Spotify and Discord application, you can choose whether you want to show your Spotify activity to the other users or not:

The above given first option will display your Spotify username on your Discord profile page. However, you cannot invite your Discord friends or server members to listen along on the Discord Android application.


Discord permits its user to connect to various other services such as Spotify, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, Steam and avail their services side by side. More specifically, the collaboration between Spotify and Discord has introduced various options. A Discord user can share the songs with their friends, or Discord friends can play the same music on their system. The connection between Spotify and Discord also allows you to be the Virtual DJ of your friends while playing and listening to the same music with them. In this write-up, we have shown how to connect Spotify and Discord on Desktop and Android systems.

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