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The Best Computer Repair Kits

In the past, you didn’t need many tools to build, upgrade, or fix a computer—a couple of screwdrivers, a nut driver or two, and a static wrist strap were enough. However, today (thanks to advancements in technology), such projects are much more complicated. Modern computers, mobile devices, and monitors are manufactured so that they are virtually impossible to open without specialized tools. Luckily, in this article, we review the top computer repair toolkits available in the market.

iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit

When you open the Pro Tech Toolkit, you will notice how neatly everything is tucked into a compartment. Everything you will need on your tech bench is right in this compact package. It includes a 64-bit driver kit, as well as standard tech tools like tweezers, nut drivers, opening tools, an anti-static wrist strap, and specialty items like spudgers for opening plastic cases.

The toolkit also includes a variety of Torx bits for the Torx screws often used in modern gadgets. The bits themselves are not magnetic, but the handle is, and it transfers magnetism through them when they’re in the handle. Furthermore, the flexible extension accompanying the bits makes working in hard-to-reach areas a breeze. A set of Pentalobes is also included for Apple products.

The metallic items are made of anodized aluminum, and are thus corrosion resistant and retain their shape. In addition, the tools are covered by iFixit’s lifetime warranty. This professional-grade toolkit is expensive, but it is worth the money.

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WireHard 62-in-1 Precision Computer and Smartphone Repair Toolkit

Not everyone can pay upwards of $60 for a toolkit, but then again, not everyone needs a professional-grade toolkit. As an excellent alternative, there is WireHard’s Precision Computer and Smart Phone Toolkit. Essentially, it is a screwdriver set that contains various multi-specialty bits in a portable box.

The extension rod can be used to reach deep locations, and the flexible shaft provides precise contact in tight spots. Furthermore, the rotating driver is coated with gel, which offers a stable grip and makes it easy to hold, and the swivel at the driver’s end locks the shafts through the press and improves precision. Furthermore, the bits are magnetic.

The bits may not be able to take as much punishment as the items in the above toolkit, but overall, the kit is well put together, and with the array of bits, you won’t need other tools.

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XOOL 80-in-1 Precision Set with Magnetic Driver

This multifunctionality toolkit was designed for popular gadgets such as iPhones, laptops, PCs, and gaming consoles. It includes a utility knife, a SIM card ejector, tweezers, an anti-static wrist strap, a suction cup, plectrum, spudgers (metal and plastic), a magnetizing tool, and a special Y-tip screwdriver for iPhones. With this wide assortment of bits and tools, you will be able to handle the tiny proprietary screws found in compact devices such as smartphones and laptops.

The bits are high-quality, magnetized S2 steel, and they do not bend or chip under pressure, and the separator tools and plastic picks are handy when working with computers. Moreover, the kit comes neatly packaged in an Oxford storage bag that offers both protection and portability.

When working with this kit, we noticed that some of the bits were incorrectly labelled, but this is a minor complaint. This high-performance bit kit is a modestly priced and invaluable resource for fixing all kinds of computers and laptops, and it is highly recommended for people who want professional-looking tools at a modest price.

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ORIA Precision Screwdriver Set

The 76-in-1 set includes 56 screwdriver bits and other items. Whether you want to remove a case to clean the internal hardware or to add a component to the motherboard, the ORIA precision screwdriver set has your back (without costing you an arm and a leg). Plus, it includes a static shock wrist band.

All the bits are packaged in a compact Velcro case. The magnetized screwdriver is well proportioned and includes a swivel cap end that allows you to apply pressure or to spin the driver with your fingertips. Furthermore, the main tools are solid and have an anti-slip design. The metal spudgers, which come in very handy when changing cases, are very durable, and while the plastic bits are not what you would expect from professional bits, they are still decent.

Overall, considering this screwdriver set’s affordability, it is an excellent choice for occasional computer repairs.

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Rosewill RTK-045 Computer Toolkit

Whether you want to assemble computer systems from scratch, take apart a graphics card, disassemble an entire laptop or just use the ratcheting screwdriver to fix a cupboard door, this toolkit has what you need.

This 45-piece toolkit and includes jumpers, washers, and screws, among other essential accessories. The static wrist band is neither too big nor too small, and it should fit most people. The zip ties and wire cutters are nice additions, and everything fits nicely in a compact bag. Unfortunately, the bits are not magnetic. You can magnetize the screwdriver bits yourself if you want, but doing so is a bit of a hassle. Luckily, the kit includes a triscoping grabber for retrieving fallen motherboard screws.

Overall, like the Oria Precision Toolkit, the Rosewill kit is not for professional use. However, it is enough for occasional use.

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What makes for a great computer repair kit?

Before buying a toolkit for computer repair, you must consider your options. The list below includes the components a computer repair toolkit should include.


A good screwdriver is durable and has a comfortable handle. A magnetic screwdriver is an added advantage because it helps you line up screws in tight spots and makes retrieval easier. Some screwdrivers can be magnetized for a short period, but magnetization is a hassle in the long run. Many modern repair screwdrivers have interchangeable bits so that you can handle multiple functions with a single tool.

Anti-Static Wrist Strap

You do not want to fry your components by accidentally discharging electricity onto them, which can cause irreversible damage. Therefore, an anti-static wrist strap is a must-have item when repairing computers. A wrist strap reduces static electric buildup to a safe level and protects your components from damage.


Tweezers work as an extension of your fingers when you’re trying to reach small computer bits. There are two considerations when it comes to tweezers: first, the claw must provide a stable grip, and second, the spring-loaded design must offer a counteracting force to keep the tweezers open when they are not in use.


Two types of pliers are absolutely essential: needle-nose pliers and diagonal pliers. Needle-nose pliers, like tweezers, help when working in tight spaces, and they are effective when you are working with tiny jumpers for applications like CMOS resets. Diagonal pliers are mostly used to cut wires or help to strip insulation from them.


There are many nooks and crannies in a computer casing. For example, when you are plugging connectors into the motherboard, regular light may not be enough to illuminate where a pin goes. Therefore, a flashlight is a great help.

Final Thoughts

To keep your computer working properly on your own, it is helpful to have a computer repair kit. The kits mentioned above have all the basic accessories you will need to perform your own upgrades and repairs.

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