How do you use the Composter in Minecraft

A composter is a block in Minecraft that makes a bone meal by converting some biological materials. It also serves the job of a farmer’s villager as a site block. Naturally, composters are found in village farms. Players also can make a composter in survival mode. Before crafting the composter, first, we take a brief look at some uses of the composter. Here are some uses of the composter.

  • It converts compostable items such as crops, saplings, and tall grass into bone meal.
  • You can collect garbage or unwanted material from our inventory in the composter.
  • Generate a bass sound by using a composter.
  • Players also use a composter as fuel.
  • Provide a profession for villagers.

So it is good to have composters while playing survival mode in Minecraft. In the next section, we will explain the process of creating composters easily.

How to Make a Composter in Minecraft

The recipe for a composter is straightforward and does not take a lot of time or ingredients to make a composter. Here is the list of items you need for creating a composter.

Name Wooden slabs (any) Crafting Table
Quantity 7 1

First, you have to open the crafting table because we require the crafting area of a 3×3 grid.

After opening the crafting area, you have to place all the wooden slabs in the same pattern we will show you below:

After completing all the above processes, the composter is ready on the right side of the crafting table. You will add a composter to your inventory by dragging or moving it.

How Do You Use the Composter in Minecraft?

After crafting the composter, now it’s time to learn how you can use the composter. Here we take an example of how to make bone meal through a composter and follow some steps.

Step 1: Place a Composter

First, select the composter from your inventory, and place the pointer on that block where you want to put the composter.

Step 2: Add the Compostable Items

After placing the composter, you need to add the compostable items to the composter. There are multiple compostable items like dried kelp blocks, sugar cane, flowering azalea leaves, melon slices, glow lichen, nether sprouts, and many more.

Composting different items have different success rates. The formation of the compost layer depends on the items; the more complex the item, the more complex the layer becomes.

While adding items to the composter, keep in mind that it takes different amounts to make a layer of compost.

Even if you are making compost of the same item over and over again, the appearance of green particles in the composter indicates that a new layer has been formed. To fill the composter, you must make seven layers of compost.

Step 3: Collecting Bone Meal

Once you have created the seven layers in the composter, you will collect the bone meal from the ready composter.

Finally, click on the composter to get the bone meal out of it:

Wrapping Up

In this article, we explored how to make a composter in Minecraft. The composter is very easy to make, and it is straightforward to collect the ingredients for it. After crafting a composter, players can use it in many ways in Minecraft. This article explained how to make a bone meal using a composter. This article should help you make a composter and use it effectively after reading it.

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