Cloud Computing Services for Beginners

Cloud Computing is a fast-growing service across the globe as users prefer working remotely using the best options available. AWS Cloud Computing offers these services on your doorstep and within the budget of the client. There are also different options to create a free account to test these services before actually buying them.

Key points about Cloud Computing are listed below:

Let’s start learning about the Cloud Compute service for beginners.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is one of the services offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS), through which the user can demand to get the delivery of IT resources via the internet. In the AWS platform, users will only use these services to build, test and deploy its project without worrying about their management. To use these Cloud Compute services of the AWS platform, click here to sign in to the AWS Console to use the Compute Cloud service:

Once the account is created, learn about why to use cloud computing:

Why Use Cloud Computing?

The cloud computing service is used to solve many problems like billing, Space, Management of the infrastructure, Data Security, Data recovery, Flexibility, and many more.

Billing: The cloud computes bills for only what & how much service has been used. Contrarily, setting up a server on-premise is quite expensive.

Space: Cloud computing uses no space on the system to set up a server.

Infrastructure Management: The user doesn’t have to worry about managerial issues while using Cloud Computing services provided by AWS.

Data Security & Recovery: On-premise, the user needs to admit that the data security is poor, and it costs a fortune to solve this problem. But cloud computing provides better data security without charging extra.

Flexibility: Cloud services are pretty flexible as the user can restructure the environment of the server with few clicks on the system:

Head into the types of cloud computing services.

Types of Cloud Computing

Cloud Compute services are categorized into two major models:

Deployment Model: The cloud computing services available in this category are mentioned below:

  • Public Cloud (Accessible by everyone)
  • Hybrid Cloud (Owned by a single person/organization)
  • Private Cloud (Renting a service privately)

Service Model: The service Model of the cloud computing service contains the following services:

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): If a business needs a Virtual machine
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS): If a business needs a platform to build software or project
  • Software as a Service (SaaS): If a business doesn’t want to manage any IT equipment

After understanding how and why to use cloud computing, head into which cloud provider should be used.

Cloud Provider

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the leading cloud computing services provider which provides a variety of services. AWS got more functionalities than other service providers, and it is secure with the fastest pace of innovations:

This guide has successfully explained Cloud Computing Services for beginners.


Cloud Computing services are used instead of On-Premise services to solve many issues with traditional systems. Cloud computing solves issues of billing, scalability, space, Management, flexibility, security & recovery, and others. It also provides two models containing multiple services according to the user requirements. AWS cloud provider brings the best possible services on its platform.

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