How to Close Apps on Macbook?

In the MacBook, there are several different methods to perform the same task. MacBooks don’t have any start button and no close button on the applications. You cannot completely quit the application on the MacBook. There are still some ways to close the applications on a MacBook, so read this article.

How to Close Apps on MacBook?

There are multiple ways to close the applications on the MacBook:

  1. Using Close button
  2. Closing the app from the Menu Bar
  3. Closing the app from the Dock
  4. Force closing an app
  5. Using keyboard shortcuts
  6. Force restarting your MacBook

1: Use the Close Button

In MacBook there is no cross button to close the app but instead of the cross button, it has the red close button present on the top left corner of your opened app windows. This is the easiest way to close the running application, but it does not close the app properly because the app keeps running in the background of your MacBook.

2: Close the App from the Menu Bar Directly

Another way to close the running application is to close it from the menu bar. Open the application and click on the app name from the menu bar and select the Quit app from the appeared drop-down menu.

3: Close the App from the Dock

Just like the Windows taskbar, MacBook has a dock. The running applications appear in the dock of your MacBook with a tiny mark. Simply Right-click on the icon of your app and choose the quit option from the appeared menu:

4: Force Close the App on MacBook

To force close an app, you can also use the shortcut Command+Option+Shift+Esc. It is helpful when the app does not respond.

5: Use Keyboard Shortcuts

Use simple keyboard shortcuts to quit the apps on your MacBook. Press the Cmd+Q to close the app.

6: Force Restarts your MacBook

Force restarts your MacBook to close all the background running apps in one go:

Step 1: Click on the Apple menu.

Step 2: Select the Restart option:

Step 3: A dialog box will appear on your screen; uncheck the option to start the MacBook without apps.

Check the Background Apps Using Activity Monitor

Use the Activity monitor to check the background running Apps on your MacBook.

Step 1: From the launchpad, click on the Other folder:

Step 2: Choose the Activity Monitor:

Step 3: Select the app you want to quit or select the multiple apps by holding the cmd button:

Step 4: Click on the X button and select the Force Quit:


The unused running application on your device affects its speed and slows the performance of your device. Multiple apps running in the background consume a lot of resources; simply close them, and if they are not responding, you can also force quit them. This guide provides various ways to close apps on a MacBook.

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