Are Chromebooks Good for College?

Are you thinking of getting yourself a Chromebook for college work? Well, you need to know about Chromebooks and their pros and cons so that you may not end up investing money in the wrong place. Before buying a Chromebook, you should know about the device and the operating system. Chromebooks are loved by kids and the school authorities too because of the minimalistic features. In this article today, we will discuss if Chromebooks are good for college or not. Let’s start:

What is a Chromebook?

A Chromebook is nothing different from a personal computer. It runs on Chrome OS. The operating system is totally based on the chrome web browser. Anything you can perform using the google chrome browser can be done on Chromebooks too. The versatile thing in Chromebooks is their OS. Chrome OS is totally cloud-based with multiple layers of security.
Since Chromebooks run on the cloud-based OS, there is no need for regular updates. You just need to open your Chromebook and use it.

Since you are new to Chromebooks, you need to know the key differences between Chromebooks and laptops before getting one for your college.

Difference Between Chromebook And Laptop

A normal Windows Laptop and Chromebook have similar looks. And also, they are generally the same in size as notebooks associated with a camera, built-in display, and a trackpad. Chromebooks, in some cases, have a touchscreen display and folding hinges to turn them into a tablet.

The main difference between the two can be seen inside the devices. The windows laptop comes with a load of microprocessor chips to power them, whereas the Chromebooks have low power chips that can easily meet the demands of the device.

A general laptop usually runs on Windows or Mac OS and uses applications from the respective OS. Windows Laptops have high-end graphics cards that make them powerful to handle any type of load and more suitable for college work. Some laptops can be used for office use as well as for playing games. This is where Chromebooks fail to impress.

Apple has its own OS and manufactures its own laptops called MacBooks. But in this case, Google developed Chrome OS, and it runs on laptops from various manufacturers. The latest Chromebooks can even run Android Apps giving a more versatile touch.

My normal Windows laptop has 512 GB of storage for apps and files I download, but Chromebooks normally have storage of 16Gb as all the files on Chromebook are saved on a drive.

Why Should You Buy Chromebook For College Purposes?

No matter you are a student or a professor in college, Chromebooks can be a better option for you if you are looking for a separate device for college purposes. Compared to other operating systems, Chromebook has less boot time of around 8-10 seconds and long battery life of 12 hours. Unlike others, Chromebook updates automatically in the background.

Since you don’t install any application on this device, there is no chance of getting affected by a virus, making it a safe player and suitable for college use. Also, you can run many educational apps on your Chromebook developed for tablets and smartphones.

Chromebooks come in compact sizes, and also there are many lightweight options available, making them easy to carry. The device’s build quality is also quite rugged so that no loss happens in the general drop-off. Chromebooks easily fits into the budget as it comes with half the price tag of normal windows laptop.

So, these were the reasons that you should buy Chromebooks for college. Now read carefully why you should not prefer Chromebooks for your college.

Why Should You Not Buy Chromebook For Your College Work?

If you are about to order a Chromebook for your college work, you should carefully read this section. Chromebooks are not designed to use Photoshop or other applications of your personal interests. Chromebooks are totally dependent on the internet connection as they are cloud-based. So, in case your internet connection slows down, you are going to mess things up.

Some major disadvantages of Chromebook are:

  1. Weak Processing power as they low powered CPUs
  2. You won’t be able to use other fonts except google fonts
  3. Cannot establish a direct connection to a printer
  4. Google account is a vital component; if you have forgotten your password, you will have to reset the device losing all your locally saved data.
  5. You will have to use the default Google keyboard, and it can’t be replaced.
  6. Chromebooks have an expiration date which is also a major turn-off. After five years, Chromebook will stop receiving the latest updates from Google.

I don’t want to confuse in deciding on a Chromebook. A few days back, one of my batchmates got a Chromebook, and to be honest, my Lenovo Tab could easily perform the same tasks. If you ask my opinion, I won’t recommend you a Chromebook if you are buying it for college and other general tasks. Buying a windows laptop will perform both general tasks and also replace the Chromebook.

The Conclusion

Chromebooks can be of good use in Schools only. I don’t think they are efficient and useful for college tasks as college guys don’t use their devices for college purposes only. Most of us are hardcore gamers, while some of us love designing new stuff. So, Chromebook is not going to meet the expectations to that level when compared to Windows laptops. However, Chromebooks come at a low price tag, but still, a laptop will be a better option for your college purposes.

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