How to Check CPU Temperature of a Laptop

Your laptop is a combination of different electronic components, which are packed in a small space, thus increasing the temperature of your laptop. An overheated laptop can damage your system components and even the entire laptop. So make sure to properly check your laptop temperature. By checking the temperature, you will become conscious of whether to turn off the laptop or continue working on it.

In this article, we will teach you how to check a laptop’s temperature through different methods, as this will help you protect your laptop from heating up for an extended amount of time.

How to check CPU temperature of a laptop

There are different methods to check the CPU temperature of a laptop and the details of each method are provided below.

1: Core Temp Application

Core Temp is a lightweight, yet capable Windows tool that enables users to check the CPU temperature of a laptop. It delivers you the details of your laptop specs in depth including the processor information as well as the laptop frequency. The detailed temperature readings show the operational condition of your laptop.

It also has the “overheat protection” feature, which you will need to set up by yourself, and it will tell you the warning when the temperature of your laptop surpasses the specified threshold limit. You may enable the shutdown option to secure your laptop from heating up too much.

2: Open Hardware Monitor Application

Open Hardware is another free, open-source third-party tool for your Windows laptops that provides you the information about your laptop CPU temperature. You will be able to monitor the CPU temperature, fan speed, hard disk temperature, power option and clock speed of your laptop. The numbers below the “Value” column show the current condition of your laptop, while those below the “Max” column tell you the max load it offered during the run time.

The safest temperature for a laptop is approximately 60°C. If your temperature routinely works at more than 70°C, then it means your laptop has some serious issue and you will need to repair it before it gets too late.

3: RealTemp Application

RealTemp is another perfect third-party tool developed to check the CPU temperature of a laptop. It’s a free and lightweight app that runs on your Windows laptop and delivers you the related information about your CPU temperature. Besides providing the exact laptop temperature, it also displays the minimum and highest temperature attained by your laptop on its main interface, thus helping you monitor your laptop’s thermal status.


Performing resource-intensive tasks on laptops can heat them up and potentially lead to permanent damage. A laptop user will definitely be required to check the temperature of a laptop so that he/she may take the necessary precaution to prevent the laptop from heating up. The above third party apps will be useful in enabling you to check the temperature of a laptop and if you are using the windows operating system, you should pick one tool and install it on your laptop.

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