How to Change Time on MacBook?

When you purchase a new MacBook and start it for the first time, the macOS will ask you to enter the time and date by selecting the time zone and the location, and after that, you can set it to update the date and time automatically. Now, after that, the date and time of your MacBook will automatically be updated whenever you turn it on. Sometimes you need to travel in different time zones and change the time according to that time zone, you can do it manually in simple steps. Want to change your time and date? This guide will help you.

Why is Setting the Date and Time Important

Setting the date and time is important because if the date and time are not set correctly, the internet browser and many other apps that depend on the internet do not work properly. We must set the date and time of the device properly to get rid of this issue.

How to Change Time on MacBook?

You can set the time automatically or manually as well; go through these steps to set the correct time according to your region:

Step 1: Click on the Apple icon to open System Preferences:

Step 2: Now, choose the Date & Time.

Step 3: Click on the lock icon, type password to enable the Time & Date settings:

Step 4: A date and time window will be open; Set it either Automatically or Manually.

Step 5: To set it Automatically, check the box Set date and time automatically and select the network time server for your location.

Step 6: Uncheck the box to set manually, then choose today’s date using the calendar.

Step 7: Now select the Time Zone tab:

  • Automatically: You can select this by using your current location
  • Manually: Choose the city closest to your location and adjust the time

Step 8: Click on the Clock tab. Different options will appear to tick them according to your choices.

Set Date and Time from Menu Bar

Another way to set the date and time on your MacBook is from the menu bar where the current time is displayed. Simply follow these few steps:

Step 1: Tap on the current date and time displayed in the menu bar.

Step 2: Select the Open Date & Time Preferences.

Now, follow the procedure mentioned in the previous section.


If the date and time of your MacBook are wrong, then it is crucial because the internet browser will not work, and you cannot access the websites. You may also be unable to send messages at the right time and date, and some applications won’t work. For that, you must update your date and time and set it to automatic update so that you don’t need to change the time and date every time you turn your MacBook on. Sometimes when you are in a different time zone, or after resetting, you need to change the date and time; for that, follow the above-mentioned simple steps.

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