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How to Change the Screen Resolution in Raspberry Pi

The screen resolution is the total number of pixels arranged horizontally and vertically, for example, a 1920×1080 screen has 1920 horizontal pixels and 1080 vertical pixels. The Raspberry Pi boards are single-board computers that can be attached to the LCD/LED monitor and the screen resolution can easily be modified in Raspberry Pi OS.

This write-up will tell you the different methods to change the screen resolution of the Raspberry Pi.

What is the method to change the screen resolution of the Raspberry Pi through GUI method

Another method to change the screen resolution of the Raspberry Pi is by GUI (Graphical User Interface) method, in which we will first click on the “Applications menu”:

Then in the drop-down menu, we will click on the “Preferences” and then the “Screen Configuration”:

A screen will be prompted on which “HDMI-1” is written because we have connected the LCD screen through HDMI-1 port:

In this menu, click on the “Configure”, then “Screens”, then “HDMI 1” as we are using the HDMI 1 port of the Raspberry Pi, then “Resolution” and finally select the resolution you wanted to set:

How to change the screen resolution of the Raspberry Pi in headless mode (VNC)

The default screen resolution of VNC is very low which can also be modified. We can change the resolution of the Raspberry Pi 4 in headless mode by executing the command of raspi-config:

$ sudo raspi-config

In the displayed options, go to the “Display Options” and press the ENTER key:

There will be different options, choose the “VNC Resolution” option and press the “ENTER” key:

There are different options of the resolutions, among which is suitable or fits your display screen choose it:

When you are done with selecting the resolution, a confirming notification will appear about the resolution, press “OK”:

After finishing all the settings, it will ask you to reboot to apply the changes you have made, choose the “Yes” button:


The screen resolution can be defined as the number of horizontal and vertical pixels on a display. The better the screen resolution is set the more clearer the picture you will see. In this write-up, screen resolution methods are explained for the Raspberry Pi OS by which we can set the resolution to get a clear display on the screen.

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