How to Change Your Roblox Background

Having an attractive and user-friendly interface of any gaming platform not only adds value to that respective gaming platform but also enhances the gaming experience of the users. Roblox is known for its long list of customizing features which attracts most of the users to this platform and one of the most favorite features is changing the background of the user interface. So, if you are interested in changing the background of your Roblox account then read this guide as it explains the different ways of doing it.

Changing the Roblox Background

Make your Roblox account look livelier by changing its background by adding the theme you like and there are two ways of doing it:

Changing the Roblox Background using Stylish Chrome Extension

Stylish is a third-party extension that is available on Chrome Web Store which is not only compatible with Roblox but also with other sites like YouTube and Facebook; so, follow the steps below to change your Roblox background using this extension:

Step 1: First to install this Chrome extension go to the Chrome Web Store and search for Stylish in the search bar:

Next, click on the first extension in the search list and after that click on Add to Chrome to install it:

Step 2: Next the web page of Stylish will open and click on Start Browsing the Styles:

After that click on skip option if you want to use the free version of this extension:

Next sign up with your Google account and click on Go to Stylish to get the tour of this extension:

A dashboard will open; now, click on the Roblox option on the left side to get all the themes for Roblox:

Step 3: Now select any of the theme you like for your Roblox interface and click on it, next install it by selecting the Install Style:

Now, go to your Roblox page to see if the background is changed or not, moreover you can add or remove the themes by clicking on the stylish application under the extension icon:

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Changing the Roblox Background using the Roblox Default Settings

If you just want to change the background from white to black or vice versa then this method is for you as Roblox only gives the option of having two color themes that is white and Black. So, follow the steps below to change your Roblox background using default settings:

Step 1: Log on to your Roblox account and go into the account info in the settings by clicking on the gear icon at the top right corner:

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Step 2: Next, under the theme option select the desired color for the background and then click on Save:

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So, this how you can change the background color of your Roblox account using its default settings:


Changing the color of the background from default makes the interface of your Roblox account look vibrant. There are different ways to change the background of your Roblox account and two of the best ways: using the Stylish Chrome extension and Roblox default settings. Both ways are mentioned in this guide.

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