How to Change Redis Password

Security is a fundamental feature, especially when running an application in production. However, one of the critical parts that tend to be ignored regarding security is Redis. Even if you use Redis as a caching mechanism, it can serve as a gateway to your application if exploited.

This article will explore how secure your Redis instance is using a password. This will prevent any users without a password from running commands on your server.

Redis Set Password at Runtime

If you are looking for a simple but temporary solution to set a password for your Redis server, you can use the config set command.

Before doing so, check if the server is already secured with a password.

Login to your Redis CLI and run the command:> auth password

If the server has no password set. It should return:

(error) ERR Client sent AUTH, but no password is set

However, if the server is already secured with a password, it should return:

(error) WRONGPASS invalid username-password pair

To set a password at runtime, run the command:> CONFIG SET requirepass "super_secure_password"

Replace the super_secure_password with the password of your choice.

If the command is executed successfully, the server should respond with OK.

To test the password, run:> AUTH super_secure_password

The command above should return OK if you provide the correct password.

Redis Set Password in Config File

If you want to secure your server permanently, you can set a password in the Redis configuration file.

Edit the redis.conf file:

$ sudo nano /etc/redis/redis.conf

Locate the entry #requirepass.

This entry should be commented out by default and set to foobared

# requirepass foobared

Uncomment the line above and set your secure password.

requirepass super_secure_password

Save and close the file.

Login to your Redis CLI and run a command:> set mykey myvalue
(error) NOAUTH Authentication required.

You will notice that the server returns an error. To execute commands, you need to authenticate using the AUTH command.> AUTH super_secure_password


This tutorial covered how to secure your Redis instance using a password.

Thanks for reading!!

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