How to Change the Password of a Chromebook Laptop?

Chromebooks are usually safer than other laptops as per the security concerns, but it’s preferred to change your password with time to secure your privacy and data. One thing to keep in mind while changing the password of your Chromebook is that your Chromebook’s and Google account’s password is always the same, so if you change your Google account password, your Chromebook’s password will also be changed. In this guide, you will read about changing your password on Chromebook in detail.

How to Change the Password on a Chromebook laptop

As the Chromebook’s and Google account’s password is the same and you can’t set a different password for both at the same time. Chromebook’s password can also be changed on a different device and browser. Changing the Chromebook’s password is simple, and to change the password, follow these steps:

Step 1: Launch the Chrome browser on your Chromebook:

Step 2: Click on your profile picture in the top right corner of the screen:

Step 3: Select Manage your Google Account:

Step 4: Click on the security option and head into signing into Google:

Step 5: Click on the arrow next to the Password option in the signing into Google:

Step 6: Enter your current Google account password and select the Next option to continue:

Step 7: Type a new password consisting of minimum eight-digit, re-enter your password and click on Change password option:

Step 8: A pop-up message will be shown “Your password was changed”:

You have successfully changed your Chromebook Password.

How to Replace Your Chromebook Password with a PIN

If you are tired of entering your Google account password on your Chromebook, you can replace the Chromebook password with a PIN. Follow the steps given below to replace the Chromebook password with a PIN:

Step 1: Open the Chromebook’s setting by clicking on the display time:

Step 2: Click on Security and Privacy and select the Screen lock:

Step 3: Enter the current password of your Chromebook and click on Confirm button:

Step 4: Choose the PIN or password and set up the PIN:

Step 5: Enter your six-digit PIN and click on the Continue button:

Now, you can use this PIN to unlock your Chromebook anytime, but for the security purpose you have to enter your google account password to unlock your Chromebook at least one time in a day.

What Do You Do If You Forgot Your Chromebook Password?

If you have forgotten your Chromebook password, then simply change your Google account password on any other device.

Why Can’t I Change My Chromebook Password?

If you are unable to change your Chromebook’s password, there can be these factors:

    • You might be entering the wrong password on your Chromebook.
    • Two-factor Authentication might be enabled on your Chromebook.
    • There can be a syncing issue with your Chromebook that you might have logged in from any other device or browser.


These days when people are spending more time working remotely, security and privacy are becoming a matter of concern. Therefore, you should change your Chromebook’s password regularly though Chromebooks are secure enough to prevent such a security issue if you do so, then you can avoid any potential security threat.

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