How to change nickname on discord

Discord is a messaging platform that permits you to communicate with your family, workplace teammates, and friends quickly and easily. Many Discord users prefer to utilize different nicknames, such as fictional or game character names to represent themselves on each Discord server.

Generally, nicknames have a way of sticking with us in real life, even if we do not like them. However, Discord provides various options for changing the nicknames for the users who want to personalize their experience on this application. If you are a Discord user, you can have multiple nicknames, which helps you maintain different profiles for the Discord communities.

In this write-up, we will show you how to change nicknames on Discord using different methods. So, let’s start!

How to change nickname on Discord using Server settings

Discord offers you the facility to assign a unique nickname for each of your servers. By utilizing this option, you can keep a separate profile on your Discord servers. For instance, if you have a work-related discussion on a server, you can set a decent nickname. In the other case, a fun-loving nickname will be suitable for the Discord server comprising your close friends.

Now, we will demonstrate how you can change your nickname on Discord using the Server settings.

First of all, open Discord on your operating system and log in to your Discord account:

From the left sidebar, select your Discord server for which you want to change your nickname. For instance, we have selected our custom “SharqaHameed’s server”:

Now, click on the desired Discord server and select the “Edit Server Profile” option from the drop-down menu:

In the Edit server profile window, you can change your Discord nickname by adding the new nickname in the “NICKNAME” field. We will enter the new nickname and click on the “Save” button:

After the performed operation, your Discord nickname should be successfully changed to the new one. By looking in the right-sidebar, you can check out your new Discord nickname:

How to change nickname on Discord using shortcode

There is a faster way to change nicknames on Discord using shortcodes in the public chat. In Discord, shortcodes are designed to save your effort and time by eliminating the need to click and navigate through all other methods to change your nickname. More specifically, the “/nick” shortcode is utilized in Discord for this purpose:

If you want to change your nickname on Discord using shortcode, then in the message box, type the new nickname with the “/nick” shortcode:

/nick [new_nickname]

After writing out your new Discord nickname, press “TAB”:

Now, your Discord nickname is changed to the new one, “penguin,” in our case. You will also see a message stating that your nickname on the Discord server is changed in the message section:

How to change nickname of the Discord members

In case if you are the owner of a server, then Discord permits you to change the nickname of the added member in that particular Discord server. To do so, firstly, select your Discord server for which you want to perform the specified action:

In the drop-down menu, you will see a “Server Settings” option; click on it and move to the “members”:

In the opened Server member window, you can change the nickname of your Discord members. For instance, we will select the “penguin” Discord member and its “kebab menu” or the “three-dot menu” will lead us towards the “Edit Server Profile” window:

Here, you can change the nickname for the selected Discord member by adding a new nickname and clicking on the “Save” button:

That’s it! A new nickname is all set to represent the Discord member:


One of the best features of Discord is that it does not confine you to a small group of friends. You can become a part of various Discord servers such as gaming communities, memes-related communities, or any educational Discord community. With this facility, Discord permits you to change your nickname on each server which assists in building your personality. This write-up showed you how to change a nickname in a Discord server using server settings and “/nick” shortcode. Moreover, the method for changing the nickname of a Discord member is also provided.

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