How to Change Your Display Name and Username in Roblox

Roblox is a widely used gaming platform where you can find tons of games of different genres. If you are new to this platform and want to change your display name with username then follow this guide as I have explained the process of changing the username as well as the display name of your Roblox account.

Changing the Display Name of your Roblox account

Every player on the Roblox wants to keep a name that somehow represents them well and makes their avatar look cooler. The display name is not a unique name and it mostly used to represent you while playing games as it is displayed on your head. So, to change the display name log in to your Roblox account and then go the settings by clicking on the settings icon as shown in the image below:

Once you have opened the settings you will see your basic account information like display name, username, Email and many other things as in the image below:

Now to edit the display name click on the edit icon in the front of display name as in the image below:

A pop-up of display name edit will open as shown in the image below :

Now you can change the current name to the new name and press the “Save” button.

Also read the important note that is written above the save button which says that you cannot change the name twice in a week. So, if you need to change the name that you saved a few days ago then you have to wait for 7 days to change it again.

Changing the Username of your Roblox account

The username is a unique name that is mainly used to find other players on the platform because there might be the possibility that there are alot players with the same display name. Now let’s move on to how to change your username on your Roblox account, so for that you need to go to the Settings of your account and open the Account Info. Next you have to click on the edit icon in front of the username and a pop-up for username will appear.

If you have 1000 Robux in your account then it will ask for the new username and otherwise you will see a pop-up as in the image below:

If you are interested in buying 1000 Robux then click on the Buy button and you will see the deals as shown in the image below:

From here you can select how much Robux you want to buy and then it will ask you the payment methods. Select one as shown in the image below and click on the Continue button:

Next follow the steps and buy the Robux and then change your username.


Roblox is an online gaming platform that gives its users a worthwhile experience of gaming and also provides a chance to its primum users to develop games of their own. So, in other words Roblox provides a potential platform for the gamers to put their ideas to work.

If you are new to this platform and want to change your display name and username then this guide will be helpful as we have explained the process of changing the display name and the username in a detailed way.

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