How do I change my Discord profile picture

Discord is booming, with 19 million active weekly servers and over 150 million monthly active users. Users who wish to join this platform will require a Discord profile picture or avatar that fits their profile. Profile picture communicates with the audience; choosing what kind of image you want to represent yourself on Discord is critical.

You have to select a Discord profile picture that is understandable at a glance to help other users to recognize you in the Discord community. If your Discord use is more personal, you can also choose a profile picture that reflects your interests or something about your distinct personality. The profile pictures that are vibrant and eye-catching also perform well as Discord avatars.

In this post, we will show you how to change the Discord profile picture. So, let’s get started!

How do I change my Discord profile picture

Your profile avatar of Discord profile picture is shown next to your username. You can select a nice picture as your Discord profile picture, which will automatically help people get the first impression of you.

To change the discord profile picture, firstly, we will open up the Discord application in your system:

Now, look for the “Gear” icon, present at the bottom left side of the user area. This gear icon indicates the “User Settings”, click it to open the User Settings manual:

Here, you can change any settings related to your Discord user account:

To change the picture of your Discord user profile, select the “User Profile” from the user settings categories and then click on the “Change Avatar” button:

For selecting your new profile picture, Discord will offer you two options: either you can choose a picture of your system or try an animated avatar.

Method 1: Upload an image as a Discord profile picture

As a regular user of Discord, you may want to add a personalized profile picture. This image will be used for your representation on Discord and appear next to any messages you send. Want to try out a custom Discord profile picture? In this section, we will demonstrate to you how to do that.

Firstly, select the “Upload File” option if you want to upload an image from your file system as a Discord profile picture:

In the file selection menu of your operating system, search for the image to upload:

After uploading the image, the next step is to resize it. Resizing the uploaded picture will make it suitable to appear on your Discord user profile. To do so, you can utilize your mouse and the circular area for selecting the section of the image you want to use as your Discord profile picture. The slider present under the uploaded image will help you zoom in and out of the image.

Now, we will resize our uploaded image and click on the “Apply” button to move ahead:

At this point, Discord will show a preview of your new profile picture. To save the changes you have made, click on the “Save Changes” option that is popped at the bottom of the window:

After saving the changes, the uploaded image is added as your new Discord profile picture:

Method 2: Try animated avatar as a Discord profile picture

In Discord, the animated avatars are primarily utilized by the streamers and gamers as their profile picture. Also, setting an animated avatar as the Discord profile picture catches the attention of the people quickly. It also helps you to establish a cool appearance between other Discord members and participants.

If you want to try an animated avatar as your Discord profile picture, then click on the “Change Avatar” option:

Now, select the “Try animated avatar” from the available options:

Utilize the search box for choosing a GIF of something you want to place as your profile picture. For instance, I have searched for the “baymax,” which is my most favorite movie character, and in between the GIF multiple options, I will select one and go back to the previous window:

In the Nitro preview, you can resize the selected GIF in a suitable position and then click “Apply”:

Now, the Discord will show you how your selected animated avatar is looking as your profile picture:

You can also Join Nitro to get the premium features of the Discord, such as a collection of fantastic animated GIFs, Discord number tag, server boosts, and much more:

How to remove a Discord profile picture

In case if you do not like your Discord profile picture, then open up “User Settings” of your Discord account:

Now, click on the “Remove Avatar” option that exists in the “User Profile” category:

Within few seconds, your profile picture will be removed from the Discord account:


If you want to establish your identity in the Discord community, then the Discord profile picture is a great way. Your Discord profile picture reflects your personality and visually speaks who you are. Today’s post was all about changing Discord’s profile picture. In this post, you have learned how to set an animated avatar and custom avatar as your profile picture. Moreover, the procedure of removing the current avatar from your Discord user account is also provided to you.

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