How to Change the Permission of a Discord Channel

Discord is a popular communication app that allows users to create servers and channels for communication. You can join someone else’s server as well. The server creator can modify the changes and assign roles to the members. Permissions are the ways to grant and limit certain functionalities to users in a Discord.

In Discord, there are two types of permissions: server roles and channel roles. Server roles are the roles that are assigned to members of a server and apply to the entire server. Whereas channel roles can be used to control a member’s access to a specific channel, such as speaking in a voice channel or sending messages in a text channel. It is tricky for someone to adjust the settings if they are trying for the first time so in that case, read this guide.

What are Channel Permissions

In Discord, channel permissions refer to the settings that control what users and roles can do in a specific channel. These permissions can include things such as sending messages, reading messages, connecting to a voice channel, and managing the channel.

These permissions can be assigned to specific roles, and members can have multiple roles with different permissions. It’s important to note that channel permissions are separate from server permissions and can be customized for each channel.

How to Change the Permissions of a Discord Channel

The channel permissions are built to provide specific permissions to members. The permissions are based on the role assigned to the user, following are the settings status in Discord:

  • X: Settings are disabled
  • /: Default settings
  • 🗸: Settings are enabled

Step 1: Launch the Discord app and go to your server, click on the gear icon in front of the channel:

Step 2: Click on the Permissions on the left panel and select the permissions from the right side under Advanced Permissions. First, select the role; click on the plus icon in front of the ROLES/MEMBERS, and add a specific person:

Once you have selected a members and specific role, you can start assigning permissions to the members:

Under Advanced Permissions, you will see the following permission settings:

  • General channel permissions
  • Membership permissions
  • Text channel permissions

Choose the above permissions and assign the roles to your members so they can access and modify your channel without accessing your account.


One of the great things about Discord is the server and channel permissions settings. Channel permissions decide what a member can do in a specific channel. Discord permissions can be confusing once you understand the basics of permissions it is easy to control your channel, further, this guide is all about changing the permissions of any channel in Discord.

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