How to Change the Default Microphone on a Laptop?

Laptops are portable devices, and you can connect some external devices as well with your laptop via wireless and wired connections. There are some devices that are installed on laptops by default, like the microphone that can be used as an audio device in video calls, meetings, and classes. If you need better audio quality, you can also connect multiple external mics with your laptop by switching to the default microphone. To know more about changing the default microphone of your laptop with another mic, follow this guide.

Can We Change the Default Microphone on Laptop?

Yes, the following are two different ways to change the settings of your default microphone on a Windows laptop:

  1. From the laptop’s settings
  2. From Control Panel

1: From Laptop’s Settings

The easiest and quickest method to change your laptop’s default microphone is through the laptop’s settings. Change the default microphone from the laptop’s settings by repeating these steps:

Step 1: Right-click on the Start icon to open Settings:

Step 2: Click on the System:

Step 3: Click on Sound from the left panel:

Step 4: Select the microphone you want to use as default from the Output option:

2: From Control Panel

You can also change your microphone from the control panel. The control panel gives you access to everything and can change everything from there. Go through these steps to change the Settings of your default microphone from the control panel:

Step 1: Press Windows+R to open Run and type Control Panel:

Step 2: Select Sound:

Step 3: Now click on the Recording tab:

Step 4: Select the microphone you want to set as a default by right-clicking on it and clicking on OK:

What to Do If the Microphone Is Not Working?

If the microphone of your laptop is not working properly or your voice is not audible to the person in the video room, then you can try these fixes to get rid of this problem:

  • Check the status of your laptop’s microphone
  • Reinstall or update the microphone drivers
  • Restart the Windows audio service


You can connect many devices to your laptop through USB ports, audio jacks, and wirelessly. Audio quality and video quality are important things in any meeting or online presence, and to achieve better quality, you can connect an external mic that can be wireless or wired. Connect an external mic to your laptop and switch it as a default device for use by following steps mentioned in this guide.

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