How to Change Mouse Cursor Color on a Chromebook Laptop?

Chromebook offers various customization options, so if you buy a new Chromebook, you can change things like the wallpaper, background theme, and even the cursor. The default cursor color in the Chromebook is black, and you can further modify it according to your choice and preference. Read this guide to know how to change the mouse cursor color on a Chromebook.

Change Cursor Color on Your Chromebook

Changing the color of the mouse cursor on Chromebook is simple and can be done in a few steps, and you don’t need to install any application. Customizing the cursor improves its visibility of the cursor. You can customize the cursor on Chromebook in two ways:

    1. Through the built-in feature of the Chromebook
    2. Using Chrome Extension

1: Changing Cursor using Built-In Feature of Chromebook

There is a built-in feature to customize your cursor on Chromebook, and it’s risk-free as there are no virus or threat issues because you are not using a third-party extension or software. On your Chromebook, you can easily change the cursor according to your choice and usage. Go through these steps to change the color of your Chromebook’s cursor.

Step 1: Click on the clock in the bottom right corner of the screen and open the settings:

Step 2: Select the Advanced option and click on the Accessibility option:

Step 3: Now, click on Manage accessibility features:

Step 4: Navigate to Mouse and touchpad, select Cursor color to change the color, and choose the color you like from the seven different colors:

After selecting the color of your choice, it will automatically change the color of your cursor on Chromebook.

Note: You can also change the size of the cursor. To do this, open the accessibility settings in your Chromebook:

2: Changing Cursor using Chrome Extension

There are a number of Chrome extensions that can customize your cursor. You can change more features of your cursor on Chromebook by adding an extension on Chromebook. A Google extension, “Custom Cursor for Chrome”, is one of the best extensions. To add this to your chrome browser, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the Chrome browser on Chromebook:

Step 2: Search for Custom Cursor for Chrome and click on Add to Chrome button:

Step 3: It will appear on the Google Chrome extensions bar, open it:

Step 4: Click on the cursor icon, and an entire collection of cursors will appear:

Step 5: Select the cursor of your choice, or you can also upload your own cursor:

Step 6: Change the cursor size by clicking on the cursor size button at the top of the box:

Step 7: Click on the power button to return to the default cursor:

Highlight Your Chromebook Cursor

You can highlight your cursor by using the built-in settings of the Chromebook. If you enable these settings, you will see a small red circle around the mouse cursor. Follow the steps mentioned below to highlight your cursor:

Step 1: Click on the clock in the bottom right corner of the screen and open the settings:

Step 2: Select the Advanced option and click on Accessibility:

Step 3: Navigate to Mouse and touchpad and Turn the toggle on to highlight the cursor when it’s moving:

Is it Safe to Customize Your Cursor on Chromebook?

Yes, customizing the cursor is really safe as this option is officially available from the Chromebook itself and performing the changes from built-in settings Is always safer than downloading it from a third-party website.


In this growing trend of remote working after Covid, you spend a lot of time on your laptop, and if you upgraded your Chromebook or shifted to Chromebook from any other laptop, you always want to apply the changes according to your liking and comfort. Read this article to make modifications to your mouse cursor on a Chromebook laptop.

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