Can You Bring a Laptop on a Plane?

Yes, airlines allow passengers to carry laptops on board. Regular cabin bags are allowed on a flight and along with that, you can take your laptop bag too. If you have taken the laptop with you in a bag, you must take it out while X-ray scan at the checkpoint. Apart from this, you can use your laptop during the flight except when the plane is taxiing, taking off, or landing. Avoiding laptop use or placing any other object in front of yourself is followed as a safety precaution. In the case of an international flight, you need to check the specifics of the customs department of your country.

Two ways to carry a laptop on a plane

These are two methods of carrying a laptop:

  1. Check-in luggage: The security check of check-in luggage is a bit disturbing because you must take the laptop out of the packed luggage. After that, remove all the covering, check if the laptop is powered off or not.
  2. Carry-on luggage: Carrying a laptop through this method is easy and its procedure is short. The weight of your luggage will be checked according to that specific airline’s rules and if it falls under it, you can take your laptop with you.

Are there any benefits and drawbacks of taking a laptop on a plane?

Most of us feel that a cell phone can do a similar job as a laptop, yet all at once, that is not guaranteed to be valid. Few benefits and flaws are down here:


  • Individuals who work while traveling need a laptop. A laptop is much more powerful than a cell phone, the screen is a bigger display, and it can be more useful.
  • Laptops these days are not as big in size as they were before and yet not that heavy, making them easy to carry around with you.
  • Backpackers frequently book flights and convenience in a hurry, and laptops give a superior user experience while finishing up various procedures.
  • You can involve a laptop for entertainment, particularly during long transport rides or flights. Other than doing professional work, you can also utilize the laptop in your leisure time.


  • It can be disturbing for you if you are traveling with a laptop for the first time. You need to remove it from your laptop bag, alongside a charger, and allow it to be inspected at the terminal.
  • If you didn’t pack the laptop safely in the baggage then it will be damaging as no one knows what’s inside your baggage and if someone throws it and the laptop is inside, it can damage the laptop.


It’s a mystery for some people who haven’t traveled yet on a plane with a laptop. It’s not a big deal if you’re traveling domestically or internationally, you can take your laptop with you. The only thing to keep in mind is the rules and regulations of the airline you’re traveling with. Every airline has different rules, so before boarding check the user guide online from the airline’s website.

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