Calendly Salesforce Integration

In Salesforce, we can create leads directly from the Calendly events or invitees and add these leads to the Salesforce campaign by integrating Calendly with Salesforce. In this guide, we will see how to integrate Calendly with Salesforce and create leads from events and add these leads to the campaign through Zapier.

Utilizing Zapier

Zapier is a product which is used to allow the end users to integrate the web applications that they use and automate it (in our scenario, it is Calendly with Salesforce) quickly and accurately. It connects nearly 5000+ apps. Using Zapier is free and simple, with no coding required. We just need one Salesforce account and a Calendly account.

Go to this site

In this scenario, we will perform an action on the Salesforce data based on the Calendly events. So, the source is Calendly and the destination is the Salesforce org.

Connect Calendly with Salesforce.

Choose Calendly in the “Connect this app…” tab. Choose Salesforce in the “with this one!” tab.

  • Here, we have to specify the trigger under Calendly. Based on the criteria, the action is performed.
  • Next, we need to specify that the action has to be performed based on the specified trigger under Salesforce. It depends upon the trigger.
  • Then, we need to click on “Make a Zap!”

The next steps are to be discussed in the following examples on this guide.

Example 1: Create the Salesforce Leads from the New Calendly Events

When someone creates a new event on Calendly, it will directly automate by adding a lead record in Salesforce. We can say that the process is triggered when an invitee schedules an event in Calendly. The action is creating a new lead with respect to the Calendly event.

Let’s create an event with following details in Calendly.

Go to the Zapier official website and click the “Try it” button to launch the editor that creates the Salesorce lead from the Calendly event.

Specify the “App & event” in Trigger. Choose Calendly on the “App” tab and choose “Invitee Created” on the “event” tab.

Add your Calendly account. It will ask for the Calendly API key to insert. Go to your Calendly account and fetch the API key. Paste it there and go to next. After linking your account, click on “Continue”.

Testing is done on one record. In the “Test” section, choose the “Invitee” and continue with the selected record.

It’s time to specify the action. Choose Salesforce on the “App” section and choose “Create Record” on the event section.

Add your Salesforce account and click on “Continue”.

Now, specify the action by specifying the Salesforce object as “Lead”. In Salesforce, the lead record is created with three fields:

The last name is the Calendly invitee name.

The title is the Calendly event name.

The company is “LinuxHint”.

8. Click on “Continue” and Test the record. Then, publish it.

We can see that the lead is created in Salesforce.

Example 2: Create the Salesforce Leads from the New Calendly Invitees and Add Them to the Campaign

In Salesforce, the lead is automatically added to a specific Salesforce campaign when a new invitee is created in Calendly.

Go to the following link and click the “Try it” button.

Specify the “App & event” in trigger. Choose Calendly in the “App” section and choose “Invitee Created” in the “event” section.

Add a Calendly account and test your trigger with the previous invitation.

Under the “action” section, add a lead to the campaign in Salesforce, and specify the app as Salesforce and the event as “Add Lead to Campaign”.

Now, we need to specify the action that adds our lead to the campaign. Refer to the following image that includes all the field details.

Test the record and publish it.

Now, go to Salesforce and check whether the lead is added to the campaign or not. Open the Campaign – “International Electrical Engineers Association Trade Show – Mar 4-5, 2002” and check the total number of leads in the “Leads in Campaign” field. Since only one lead exists for this campaign, the value is 1.

That one lead can be viewed under the campaign member.


Now, we are able to create leads and add them to campaigns in Salesforce by integrating Calendly with Salesforce. We learned both scenarios by explaining it step by step with screenshots. First, we need to create an event in Calendly (you need to have an account and it’s free) and test it through the test component in Zapier. Finally, we publish it.

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