How to Buy Roblox Gift Card through Roblox Store

Roblox Store is one of the most secure ways to buy gift cards. There are two main purposes of Roblox gift cards, one is that it can be used to add Robux to your account and the second is that it can be used to buy premium membership. So, if you are looking to buy a Roblox gift card then read this guide as it explains the complete process of buying a Roblox gift card.

Buying Roblox Gift Card through Roblox Store

Roblox store provides two payment methods one is through PayPal and the second is through Credit/Debit card. Just go follow the below-given process to select and order your Roblox gift card:

Step 1: Go to the Roblox store and select you region or select your friend’s region in case if you want it for your friend:

Next, click on the Shop Gift Cards to select the Roblox gift card on desired price:

Step 2: Now if you want to buy it for your friend then select A FRIEND and enter his/her username along with your name. Whereas if you want to buy it for yourself then select FOR ME and click on Pick A Gift Card:

Step 3: Now select the type of card if you want a digital card that could be a good option in case your region was not in the location menu, or you don’t want to pay shipping charges. Whereas the other option is to order a physical Roblox gift card that will require $0.99 as handling fee:

You can also select the currency in which you want to pay for the card; selecting either Send A Digital Card option or Send A physical Card option based on your choice.

Step 4: Now select the design of Roblox gift card by selecting any of the designs under the above stated categories and click on How Much?

Step 5: Now select the amount that you want to add in the card along with setting the real currency, next if you want to get more than one cards then increase the quantity and then finally click on Add to Cart.

Click on the Checkout option after verifying the order details:

Step 6: Next select the payment methods; PayPal or Credit/Debit card:

Step 7: Afterwards enter the personal details and click on Place My Order:

So, this is how you can buy a Roblox gift card from the Roblox store.


Roblox gift cards are an easy way to add Robux to your account, one can also send these cards as a gift to their friends. Roblox store is one of the most secure and authentic ways to buy a Roblox gift card though there are other online marketplaces where one can buy Roblox gift cards but there is a chance of being scammed. So, to buy a Roblox gift card from Roblox store just select the amount along with the location of your residence and fill in the billing details to confirm your order.

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