Monitors with Built-in webcams

Squinting at the screen for long hours is the new norm. So, better to have added convenience and security at your disposal. Instead of investing in expensive external webcams, it is better to purchase a webcam monitor.

Buying a monitor with a webcam frees you up from the additional driver installations and messy wire entanglements. It also gives you a supplementary sense of security. That’s because integrated webcams are rather challenging to hack into. Hence your privacy wouldn’t be at greater risk.

Be it an important conference call or an intense gaming session on twitch; these monitors will never disappoint. Let’s dive into our brief reviews!

1. ACER CB242Y 23.8″ Full HD

The one that made the most impact is the 23.8″ Full HD (1920 x 1080) Widescreen IPS monitor. It comes with AMD free sync technology and Zero-frame design.

The screen has a refresh rate of 75 Hz, Response time: 1ms VRB, and aspect ratio of 16:9, delivering 16.7 million colors for you to enjoy. Be it for an immersive gaming experience with dramatic transitions or general office work; this monitor will suffice your needs.

You also get an adjustable Full HD webcam monitor with an included microphone for seamless conference calls. A tilt of -5 degrees to 20 degrees and a height adjustment range of 4.7″ makes it possible for you to adjust the monitor to your viewing height.

The Ergo Stand comes with an ergonomically designed 360-degree swivel to allow you to attain an ideal viewing angle and position while working. That’s not all! The webcam has Windows Hello Configuration as well. It utilizes facial recognition to help you get to work in seconds. This also ensures high-end security to sign in to your PC without having to type in a password.

The Acer does have its limitations, though. Menu buttons being on the backside makes it slightly challenging to guess the functions of each control. It also has two power buttons. Both need to be switched on to power up the monitor.

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2. LG 27MD5KL-B Ultrafine 5K

The LG 27-inch monitor is a beast that delivers 5k video, audio, and data simultaneously. This monitor comes with powerful ports that are fully compatible with Thunderbolt 3-machines, USB Type-C enabled Mac or iPad Pro.

If you are looking for something powerful and big, then this monitor is the one to get your hands on. It can also charge various gadgets while they are in use. Appliances up to 94 W can be charged fully through a single connection.

The LG Ultrafine delivers clear-cut visuals and is the best pick for communications and entertainment. What’s more, it also has built-in speakers and a microphone, making it easy to set up for online chatting and calls.

The pixel quality is super bright and next to no glare. The webcam delivers the same picturesque details. You can freely change color temperatures to suit the lighting in your workspace.

The only limitation of this webcam monitor is its high price. That Exquisite picture quality sure costs a premium.

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3. Dell P2418HZm 24″ Monitor for Video Conferencing

Another monitor suited well for video conferencing is the chic 24″ model by Dell.

This ultra-thin monitor is so easy to set up and get it running. The slim borders enable you to enjoy a less obstructed view when working across multiple monitors. As for display quality, it delivers Ultra HD picture quality at very affordable rates.

The Dell P series monitors also come with a Built-in 2Mp Full HD Infrared sensor camera, which allows you to attend meetings without worrying about external connections. Sign in securely into your device with the facial recognition by Windows Hello. Extended privacy is promised further through the camera shutter.

The screen allows you to view from anywhere, with a 178-degree wide viewing angle. To further enhance your communication and connectivity, a noise-canceling mic and two 5W integrated speakers are ever ready to take charge of audio.

The Dell Monitor is adjustable to suit your needs. The stand pivots, swivels, and compatibility with multiple stands make it quite user-friendly. However, the quality of the webcam is relatively low in comparison with the ones mentioned above.

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4. HP Elite Display 34-Inch Screen Monitor

If you are a fan of large screens, then the HP Elite 34 inches monitor with a webcam will be a sure delight.

This LED-lit monitor is an ultra-slim, 34″ diagonal QHD curved display. Carrying a barely-there, three-sided micro-edge, it delivers crystal clear sound and video for meetings.

Not only do you get a competent webcam, but you also get a microphone, conferencing hotkeys, and expert audio by Band & Olufsen.

The integrated pop-up webcam allows you to log in through Windows Hello without having to type complex, easily forgettable passwords. This is a 60 Hz monitor that connects to desktop, notebook, or mobiles and simultaneously charges them.

But, the large size takes up much space on your desktop. The camera also lacks an automatic up and down mechanism. You have to be manually the camera operation, which can be annoying.

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5. ASUS Store 27 Inch Monitor

A monitor that is budget-friendly and isn’t the size of the whole desk is the 27-inch ASUS? Yes, please!

This LED webcam monitor comes with 16.7 million display colors for a vibrant and vivid display. The high-end contrast and brightness paired with a wides 170-degree viewing angle is what makes this monitor worthwhile.

An integrated 2MP rotatable webcam allows you to change it to your optimum viewing angle. Moreover, to fulfill the communication curve, two 3W speakers are on both sides for an immersive experience.

That said, for the features that it delivers, the Asus monitor is expensive. Another disappointment is the absence of a microphone. This makes it less suited for the conference calls.

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Buying Guide

Although this article will mainly focus on monitors carrying built-in webcams, we have also mentioned other viable factors that shouldn’t be ignored.

The following factors must be investigated before buying a monitor with a webcam for your desk.


If you plan on grabbing all the essential features, then expanding your budget is a must. A few features must be let go for a tighter budget. So, look for the features that you absolutely cannot live without and then move onto the additional perks if your wallet allows. As it’s a long-term investment, be wise with your decision.


Quality and durability go hand in hand. Ensure your product of choice is durable, and it can bear the brunt of your day-to-day use.


A webcam monitor with a tiny screen is of no use. Choose a decent size screen, at least 24 inches. It will give you the benefit of opening multiple screens at once. Some monitors come with the ability to power two computers simultaneously in split screens. But they can be expensive.

A decent-sized screen will also let you be at ease during essential conference calls—no need to squint your eyes to see the other participants. View them clearly to carry out a regular conversation.

Moreover, a monitor shouldn’t have significant bulk either. Thin monitors deliver a sleek and stylish look and take up less space on your desk. A wider display with thin bezels is also indicative of a worthwhile monitor.


High resolution with clear, crisp images and vivid details is something you should aim for. Monitors with FHD, QHD,/WQHD have taken the market by storm. They make HD seem like history. If you plan to use this monitor for gaming, then make sure to look for response rate times.


A monitor’s camera imagery should not only deliver clear images, but it should also befittingly placed. Look for a high-quality camera; otherwise, investing in such a monitor won’t be of any use.

Furthermore, it must be easy to use, setup, and most of all, not make you seem blurry. If you want added privacy, some monitors have a pop-up camera on the top center-head. Meaning, you can manually lift the camera when its use is required—no need to worry about someone continually watching you when you’re working and not conducting conference calls.


Do you want to invest in a pricey monitor with a webcam but no built-in microphones? Let me stop you right there! You should be getting the most out of what you pay! What is a camera without a speaker? Sure, you wish to de-clutter your desk from unwanted external devices. However, you most certainly do not want an additional investment into a speaker setup.

Closing Remarks

A monitor with a built-in webcam (or webcam monitor) is a great way to de-clutter your desk. In addition to it, you get many added features in a single investment. However, try to get integrated microphones and speakers, too. This will add to your communication ease when working from home. External webcams can sometimes be very expensive. Believe it or not, some external webcams cost the same as some of the monitors mentioned on the list. Therefore, a monitor with a webcam proves to be a breath of fresh air.

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