How to Build a House in Minecraft [Step by Step]

There are many factors that are contributing to the popularity of Minecraft, but one of them is its flexibility when it comes to customization. Minecraft keeps its players engaged by its never-ending opportunities and challenges and boundless independence.

Minecraft allows its players very rare freedom in most of the other games, freedom of creativity, freedom of exploring a limitless world, and freedom of interactivity. Minecraft is another name of versatility. It is all about building and surviving, and for surviving, you need to build a house. You can make a house of any type using different blocks and materials. The house can be constructed anywhere, but you need to make a strategy when playing in survival mode.

This post is a progressive guide to construct a house in Minecraft. As discussed above that, there is no limit; you can build a house at the top of a mountain or even underground. If you are new to Minecraft, you must be wondering how to build a Minecraft house. This guide is all about building a basic house using minimum material. But you can make your house as big as you want, all it needs your creative imagination.

Building a house is an easy task all you need to follow the few steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Building Walls
Step 2: Building Roof
Step 3: Adding Doors and windows
Step 4: Adding Lights
Step 5: Furnishing

Let’s check how to build a house using some simple steps:

How to build a house in Minecraft step by step guide:

Step 1: Building Walls

First of all, find the location to build the house. And use any block you want, but building for survival mode gameplay then uses strong blocks for walls. Select the block and place blocks on top of each other; height and depth depend upon the number of blocks you are using. Avoid using wood blocks because they can easily get fire.

Step 2: Building Roof

Once the wall is constructed, time is built to build the roof and make the roof use any block except sand and gravel block. I used the same stone block for the roof as well:

Step 3: Adding Doors and windows

Many doors can be used, such as spruce door, iron door, oak door, etc. This door can be crafted if you have the required material. The simplest door is the oak door and can be crafted with 6 wood planks. The recipe is shown below:

Or you can get it using the command:

@give @s minecraft:oak_door 1

The “1” in the above command is the amount.

And to add windows, you need glass panes. Glass panes can be crafted using glass boxes:

Or you can get them using the “give” command:

@give @s minecraft:glass_pane 1

Step 4: Adding Lights

Monsters mostly come in the nighttime; therefore, don’t forget to light your house well. To add lighting to the house, you need to craft torches that are quite easy to craft all you need a crafting table, a stick, and one coal.

Or use the command to get torch:

@give @s minecraft:torce 4

The “4” in the above command is the number of torches we are getting.

Step 5 : Furnishing

A bed is another essential for the house. The bed is a block used by the player to sleep but only during the night and thunderstorms. Apart from sleeping, the beds are also used to set the spawn points. A bed can be crafted in many colors, but you need 3 red wool and 3 wood planks to craft a red bed. Open crafting table and place blocks as shown in the image below:

Or use the command:

@give @s minecraft:red_bed 1

To store items, you need a chest to craft a chest you need 8 wood planks, open crafting table, and place them as shown in the image below:

Or use command

@give @s chest 1

As you progress, you may need various items such as an enchanting table, anvil, grindstone, etc. These items can be crafted and placed in the house depending upon your needs.

Some other cool concepts of Minecraft houses:

We learned a step-by-step process of building a basic house in Minecraft and how to furnish it. Building in Minecraft has unlimited possibilities. There are tons of concepts to build a house in Minecraft; let’s get inspired by some cool ideas:

Survival House

Modern Beach House

Modern Mansion

Simple Wooden Survival House



Building a house in Minecraft is one of the primary tasks. House is very important because it gives you a place to shelter, store items, and allows you to set spawn points. In this guide, we learned how to make your own basic house in Minecraft with a complete step-by-step process. We learned how to craft different materials to build walls, roofs, doors, torches, and chests. And in the end, we looked at some outstanding work for inspiration to understand the possibilities when it comes to building a house.

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