How to Breed a Strider in Minecraft

The world of Minecraft is not only limited to the overworld, where you can see plains, snow, jungles, and oceans, but there is an entirely different world called Nether, where you can mostly find darkness and full of aggressive mobs like Ghasts, zombified Piglin, Wither skeletons, and many more dangerous mobs and then there is Strider which is a passive mob. It is helpful, as you will find below.

This guide will help you understand everything related to Strider, including their spawn location, food, breeding, and what they are beneficial for in Minecraft.

What are Striders in Minecraft

Striders were added to the world of Minecraft in update 1.16 and are perhaps the only non-hostile mobs you can find in the nether dimension. It may look different from any of the mobs you’ve encountered and has a unique fire-proofing ability.

Where to find Striders in Minecraft

The world of Minecraft is enormous, and each of the mobs currently found inside it are in different biomes. Striders are in the Nether dimension, which isn’t a biome and is dangerous, so you are not advised to go there unless you’ve fully experienced the overworld as the nether dimension is full of scary and hostile mobs living beside the lava that is flowing like water.

Lava deals much damage to the player, so if you are looking to explore a nether dimension, you will need to have at least one strider with you because it can walk on Lava with you on it, and there will be no damage to you.

Striders can only be found in the Nether dimension.

How to Enter the Nether Dimension in Minecraft

There is only one method to enter nether dimension: through a nether portal which can be built by following our guide how to trade with the Piglins, where we have discussed everything about the nether portal in detail.

How to Breed Striders in Minecraft

Like all other passive mobs, the striders can also be bred using their favorite food, and they love warped fungus, so when you see two of them close enough, give them warped fungus, and they will enter love mode, which will spawn a baby strider that takes about 20 minutes to become an adult.

You will notice hearts near them when they are in love mode.

The baby’s growth can be accelerated by giving it warped fungus, and you will see green stars near it.

Where to get Warped Fungus in Minecraft

Warped fungus is found in the warped forest biome inside the nether dimension, so you will have to move here and there to get one, and they do not require any unique tool to be harvested.

What is the Purpose of Striders in Minecraft

Nothing is created without any use, which goes with both real and Minecraft worlds, so striders have only one purpose: to help you move across lava in Minecraft, as they are immune to fire damage.

How to Ride Striders in Minecraft

To ride on striders, you will need a:

  1. Saddle
  2. Warped fungus
  3. Warped fungus on a stick
  4. Strider

First, you will need to find a strider nearby, feed it with warped fungus until you see hearts near it, and once done, put a saddle by right-clicking on it while holding one.

Now to ride it, you will need to use warped fungus on a stick just like you put a saddle, and the player will immediately ride it. This stick is used as a handle to control it because the strider will follow the warped fungus only.

How to get warped fungus on a stick in Minecraft

You will, of course, need warped fungus and a fishing rod to craft the warped fungus on a stick.

You can always get instructions on different aspects of Minecraft, and a Fishing rod is one of them, while the saddle can only be found in buried treasure or chests.


Q: What is a lava walker in Minecraft?
Strider, also known as the lava walker, is immune to fire and can swim or walk in lava fast.

Q: Can a strider survive in water?
No, the strider will lose health points and eventually die if out inside the water, whether it is drowning or not.

Q: Is strider dangerous in Minecraft?
No, the striders are harmless, but sometimes you may encounter a strider with a zombified Piglin, which is dangerous.


In the all-dangerous nether dimension, there exists a cute and helpful mob called strider which can help you move across the lava where you cannot stand even for a few seconds before dying.

Today we learned everything about striders, including where to find, feed, breed, and use them to our advantage in Minecraft’s glorious world.

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