How to breed a horse in Minecraft

Minecraft comes with endless possibilities, but you will face some hurdles time by time to achieve them. Many different species are available in the game; some live in the ground, some in dungeons, while others are underwater. Also, some species are deadly, and they always try to kill you, while others are somewhat friendly and will do nothing even if you walk around them. In Minecraft, horses are one of those friendly species which will not harm you, and if you try to kill them, they will run away in fear. As they are friendly, you can also breed, tame, and ride on them without any difficulty if you follow the proper way discussed in this article.

How to find the horse in Minecraft

The first step to breeding a horse is to find one. You can find most of the horses in the “plain biome”. Other than horses, you can also find villagers, cows, sheep, chickens, and other animals, but that is not the topic for this discussion. You need one male and one female horse for the breeding.

What food items are required for breeding horses in Minecraft

You can breed the horse by using the two food items mentioned below.

  • Golden apples
  • Golden carrots

You can craft golden apples by placing eight gold ingots with one apple on the crafting table, as displayed below.

Similarly, you can craft golden carrots by placing eight gold nuggets and one carrot on the crafting table.

How to build a fence in Minecraft

Fences are essential as horses are just wandering everywhere. It’s better to block their movement to any limited space by using a fence. This article uses an oak fence, so you need two sticks and four oak planks to build it. After getting these items, you can craft the fence by following the image below.

How to breed a horse in Minecraft

After getting all the required items, the next step is to find two horses for breeding. You need to build the fence close to the horses, and then they will move inside it after some time.

After that, you can start the process of breeding by feeding them a golden apple or a golden carrot that you have already crafted. Equip any of these food items and then start feeding them by right-clicking near them. Both the horses will start loving each other which is called as a “Love Mode” and later they can start their own family as well. They will become more friendly to you after feeding, and later you can also ride a horse as they allow you to sit on their back.


Horses are one of the friendliest species available in the Minecraft game. So if you are confused about how to breed horses, then this article has been written for you. Despite being rather simple, the process takes quite a while. All the required items for breeding have also been discussed in the article. You should restrict their movement by using a fence since it is difficult to control them at the start because the horses are always moving.

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