Bootstrap Delete Confirmation Modal

Bootstrap is a well-liked front-end framework that simplifies the design and development of web-based applications. More specifically, the delete confirmation modal is a useful feature provided by Bootstrap. It can be used to prompt the user for confirmation before actually deleting something. This is a good way to avoid accidental deletions and to make the user aware of the consequences of their actions.

This write-up will describe how to create a delete confirmation modal in Bootstrap.

How to Create a Bootstrap Delete Confirmation Modal?

To create a delete confirmation modal in Bootstrap, try out the given instructions:

  • First, create a button that will trigger the modal window. The “data-target” attribute is assigned the value “#deleteModal” which points to the id of the modal.
  • Then, create a modal using the “modal” and “fade” classes.
  • The “modal-dialog” class creates the dialog box.
  • Then, add the “modal-content” class to specify content to the modal window. Within this class, including the class “modal-header”.
  • The “modal-header” creates the header of the modal window. It contains the title and close button.
  • Next, create the body section by specifying the class as “modal-body”. It comprises the note that will appear in the dialog box.
  • Lastly, create the modal footer by adding the “modal-footer” class. This footer also contains two buttons.

Here is the HTML code of the discussed scenario:

<button type="button" class="btn btn-danger" data-target="#deleteModal" data-toggle="modal">Delete Item</button>
<!-- Modal -->
<div class="modal fade" id="deleteModal">
 <div class="modal-dialog">
  <div class="modal-content">
   <div class="modal-header">
    <h5 class="modal-title" id="exampleModalLabel">Modal title</h5>
    <button type="button" class="close" data-dismiss="modal" aria-label="Close">
    <span aria-hidden="true">&times;</span>
   <div class="modal-body">
    <p>Are you sure you want to delete?</p>
  <div class="modal-footer">
   <button type="button" class="btn btn-secondary" id="close-modal">No</button>
    <button type="button" class="btn btn-danger">Yes</button>

It can be observed that we have successfully created a Bootstrap delete confirmation modal:

This is how you can create a delete confirmation modal using Bootstrap.


To create a delete confirmation modal, first create a button using the classes “btn”, and “btn-danger” classes that trigger the modal window and add the attribute “data-target” with the value “id” of the modal. Then, create the modal window using the “modal” class and id. Then, specify the content of the modal using the “modal-content”, “modal-header”, “modal-body”, and “modal-footer” classes. This write-up has demonstrated how to create a delete confirmation modal in Bootstrap.

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