Blue Axolotl Minecraft

The Caves and Cliffs update of Minecraft brought three beautiful mobs, one of them is the Axolotl, an aquatic mob. It acts as your bodyguard deep down in the ocean biomes, especially underwater caves. They can also be placed in your aquarium, increasing the beauty because of those lovely colors. One of those colors includes Blue, which is called Blue Axolotl.

Today’s guide is all about the Blue Axolotl, and we will cover everything related to the following

  1. Where to find Blue Axolotls
  2. Their Breeding
  3. A few pro tips about them

Minecraft Blue Axolotl

Blue Axolotl in Minecraft is super-rare, with only a 0.083% chance of spawning after the breeding process, which is explained below in detail.

This mob may be challenging to get, but they are worth all the time spent because you can brag to your friends about them and make them jealous.

Getting Blue Axolotl in Minecraft

Axolotls can be found in many colors, in the ocean biomes across the world of Minecraft, but only blue one is harder to find. But you can get them by breeding repeatedly until you get the color you want, which might consume lots of time.

Blue Axolotl Command Minecraft

If you have enabled cheats on your Minecraft world, you can use the following command (with the quotation) after pressing the “T” key on your keyboard.

/summon minecraft:axolotl ~ ~ ~ {Variant:4}

While “~ ~ ~” indicates the location (x, y, z), which you can change accordingly.

Breeding Axolotl Minecraft

Breeding Axolotl doesn’t require special skills, but we recommend using a lead on them as it will not let them escape. Their favorite food is tropical fish, and here is a detailed guide on Breed Axolotl Minecraft.

Uses of Axolotls in Minecraft

Axolotls could become your partners when you correctly utilize them in the following ways:

Axolotls as a Bodyguard

Axolotls hate few other mobs like drowning zombies, squids, and tropical fishes, so whenever they are in their visible range, Axolotls will attack and eventually kill them. This makes it a great bodyguard underwater, but you need to attach a lead or use a bucket of tropical fishes to make them follow you.

These mobs can help you conquer the ocean monuments which ugly guardians heavily guard.

Or you can just put one of them in a bucket and then release them whenever you feel like using them.

A bucket can be made by following this guide, and then right-clicking on any water source will fill it with water making it useable for storing one Axolotl.

Axolotls Regeneration Effect

Axolotls have this strange power that allows them to heal themselves and the player who assisted them is killing a mob. During this period, they will play dead and cannot be attacked for a few seconds.


Q: Can the Axolotls attack Dolphins and Turtles?

Axolotls will not attack Dolphins and Turtles, but they will attack any other mob within sight.

Q: Do the mobs killed by Axolotls drop anything?

Yes, they will drop at the same rate as those killed by players.

Q: How to tame Axolotls in Minecraft?

Axolotls cannot be tamed in Minecraft, but you can make them follow you by attaching leads or holding a bucket of tropical fish in hand.


Axolotls are the best underwater friends you can count on. Although they cannot be tamed, you can make them follow you, as discussed above. In this guide, we learned about one of their varieties, the Blue Axolotl, which is unique and beautiful but rare. That’s all for Blue Axolotl, and we will be back with yet another exciting adventure of Minecraft, so stay tuned.

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