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YouTube sees a wave of new Youtubers, a high influx of content creators is expected to head towards YouTube in countries where TIKTOK has faced damnation. If you are someone of the above, this article will be your saving grace.

To be an awesome YouTuber, you don’t always need a fancy DSLR to produce high-quality pictures and videos. A few hundred bucks, good lighting, and quality content are all you need!

You can save plenty by investing in a good webcam, especially if you are just starting out.

Get to Know the Basics – A Buyer’s Guide

Based on the current technology upgrades, every monitor comes with a decent camera, but having a webcam can bring out an extra oomph to the image quality, and tie everything together.

Here are the focus points; one must consider when setting up equipment for your YouTube videos.

Aren’t Webcams Outdated?

A big no! Trust me when I say that a DSLR isn’t the only device that can shoot sharp, high-quality videos.

Webcams are not just a lot cheaper than the big guns. But they also lack the unnecessary features that are only known to professionals. Why invest a humungous amount of money when you aren’t using those additional features?

Invest wisely, save money, and once your channel upgrades, you can always switch to better options later when you are more knowledgeable about uploading videos.

It’s all in the details!

The first thing anyone focuses on when purchasing a camera is the resolution. The attention to detail a picture has that is measured in pixels. Hence, a greater pixelate is often considered to be better.

However, to decide whether to get a 720p, 1080p or even higher resolution, you first need to focus on what your YouTube Channel is going to take centre stage in and whether you are new to all of this. 720p or above are all great, but start small and test your skills before jumping in with the big guns.

Now, we know how great DSLRs are at focusing and creating crisp images. You can get very similar results with a webcam if you pay attention to video sharpness, color, lighting, and a reliable webcam.

Do make sure that the webcam of choice can deliver the same resolution in video calls too. Some models do not support video calls through Skype or Zoom in the 1080p HD version.

Overall, opt for a webcam that covers the maximum pixels that fall under your budget. Remember, it’s all in the technique of setting up cameras that make the field of view more attractive, not hefty priced fancy gadgets.

Get To Know The Frames Per Second

Frames per second often delivered by Webcams are around 30, 60, or even 90 FPS: these promise non-lagging, or non-glitchy, smooth video streaming for viewers to enjoy.

FPS requirement becomes of importance, where fast movements are in action. YouTubers, who wish to stream their gaming sessions, prefer their fps to be close to 60 for the quick jump-scares or twists.

However, make sure that the FPS of your game capture card and the webcam are the same. If you pair a Webcam of 30 FPS with a higher FPS gamer streamer, things won’t sit into place well, and it will only confuse your hard-earned viewers.

Again, Webcams offering high FPS with a high resolution are your best bet.

Covering The Field Of View

Lastly, we have the field of view. Given there is no one type of YouTube content maker, and not everyone can afford to purchase a wide lens angled SLR.

Webcams providing extended fields of view has certain advantages. Firstly, you can fit in more people, with a wide-angled webcam. Perfect for the brunch-in muck bang sessions or podcasts, which are ever-so-famous these days (take a hint). Moreover, a greater field of view adds depth to your background.

People with crammed up taping rooms can take this to their advantage. Such Webcams makes the room look deep and spacious, without having to adjust physically adjust the camera to get more arms-length space.

Now we don’t hate the restricted fields of view. Webcams that offer less can be used in those one-on-one viewer-content maker sessions (highly recommended for the ever-famous apology videos).

So, get all those feelings out of the bucket and get your makeup brushes at the ready as these webcams are going to capture all of you in focus.

Reviewing the Top Selling Webcams

1. Logitech Brio

Logitech is a famous webcam manufacturer, and it has secured both the top two positions for the best webcams. It is a bit pricey but has managed to give the crispiest image quality throughout its performance.

A premium glass lens carries a 4k Image sensor along with a smooth HDR. You will never be out of focus, with its swift capture and flexible software. This webcam works in coordination with the Windows 10 Camera, Xsplit, OBS, or swift capture for Mac.

You can work with 4k, 1080p, and 720p with 90 FPS, that too, with a 90-degree field of view. Moreover, the lens can zoom x5 in HD producing the sharpest in-focus images.

As for the lighting, well, the camera makes you look great, whatever it may be. It improves contrast and exposure, reduces glare, and augmented the backlighting effect. Lastly, this webcam is great for all video meeting/calling apps.

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2. Logitech C930E

Logitech C930E is perfect for group hangouts, as the wider field of view adds depth and increased background space. You can easily fit 2 or more people without worrying about ‘cutting’ the image.

This webcam delivers a Full HF 1080p video, playing at 30 FPS and a 90-degree angle of view. It can be maneuvered to the pan and tilt a great deal to extend your view and not forget the impeccable 4x Zoom feature.

An intriguing detail is its UVC H.264 coding, broadening up bandwidth space and hence processes a smoother video. Simply plugin and start recording or manage business calls on Skype or others. For Mac and PC, you do not have to download additional software. This webcam can be installed on a tripod, monitor, or even your tabletop.

Although the downside to this webcam is the out of focus issue, it is due to the wider angle on fast movement.

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3. Mevo Plus – For live Events

Adding variety to our list of best Webcams is the pocket-sized, multi-functional camera. You won’t even need to have your desktop for carrying this portable webcam.

To Livestream to your YouTube account, Mevo Plus allows you to do it in style with its Full HD 1080p and an Ultra HD 4k recording ability. The best part? This webcam gives the illusion of a multi-camera shot through its 150-degree all-glass lens and Sony 4k/12MP CMOS sensor.

The Mevo allows you to opt for different camera angles though your phone in real life, connected with your WIFI or LTE. To further aid the pocket-size persona, this webcam comes with a 16 Gigabyte microSD card pre-installed! Cutting all the post-processing headache, edit your videos on the phone through zooming, pan and cut through ability. This is all possible on Android 6 or above or iOS 9.3 or above.

However, you cannot live stream and record in 4k simultaneously.

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4. Razer Kiyo

If you are a YouTuber, you are aware of good lighting. The Razer Kiyo is such a webcam that saves you the extra expense to achieve the perfectly lit face.

Be it a makeup tutorial or a gaming session; the ring lighted Razer Kiyo is one of a kind. Its lens supports recording in 720p 60 FPS or 1080p in 30 FPS. Plus, the software platform is easily accessible and quite simple to use as well. Them being OBS, and XSplit (as in Logitech).

The ring light is a 5600K daylight-balanced source. It gives you the option to manually adjust the brightness through the rotating bezel without digging deep in software settings. The Razer webcam has a latchable structure, which can be easily converted into a tabletop camera from the mounted position.

Nevertheless, I did notice slight delays in streaming when paired with OBS.

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5. Microsoft LifeCam Studio

In last, we have this petit wonder of a webcam, that can easily be titled as the most affordable webcam out there. If you are someone starting small and trying out the YouTube world, this is a great option to test the waters without straining your budget.

This webcam has a Full HD 1080p resolution, with a widescreen sensor. In addition to this, True color technology delivers bright and crisp images, harboring autofocus, and precision.

The CMO sensor tech greatly enhances the picture quality, which is further aided by the 75-degree field of view and full 360 rotation angle. However, this camera allows you to carry video calls on 720p resolution only. The overall value for the price is excellent, though.

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These Webcams are great for managing many genres of YouTube content. They will help save you money and help avoid fancy features that you may not need. What’s more, these webcams will also make your post-processing life a lot easier. So, which one of the best webcams for YouTubers do you think is ideal for you? Let us know in the usual space.

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