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The need for video-conferencing has significantly increased in the wake of Covid19. Physical meetings are just not possible today. People are working from home. They’re having fun with group video calls sitting in their bedrooms. So, using a simple IP cam for video conferencing or group video calls will not cut it. You need the best webcam, speaker, microphone combo to avoid any problems during your live sessions.That’s why we bring you the top video conferencing webcams. These cams are easy to use and deliver a crisp viewing experience. Plus, they are packed with helpful features that further improve your and your team’s efficiency. So without wasting any time, let’s get started!

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Sherry Wide Angle Web Camera with Privacy Cover & Tripod, Plug and Play USB Camera

Logitech Conference Video Conference Webcam

Of course, the first webcam has to be from Logitech. BCC950 is an all-in-one design that combines HD video with superior audio at a very economical price. It works great for both single-user and small (up to 4) conference calls. Place it on your conference table or let it rest on your desk. A smaller footprint makes this compact combo all the more convenient.

At first, the design looks a bit strange. You can easily detach the camera head from the boon and mount directly on the main unit. The idea of having the camera eye on the same level as your own eyes is undoubtedly one that we approve. Even without any mounts, your viewers on the other side of the screen see you looking straight.

It has remote-controlled video pan, zoom, and tilt features that make camera adjustments a breeze. The autofocus works great for images. Besides, it comes with pre-built noise-canceling audio, duplex speaker, and an omnidirectional microphone.

Perhaps the biggest weakness of this model is a smaller 78 degrees field of view. You can rotate the camera head to increase it to 180 degrees. However, it’s still not very different from other quality Logitech webcams. The mic’s picking range is also limited (just 8 feet). That’s why we recommend it only for 3-4 user conference calls.

More Details on Logitech Conference Video Conference Webcam: Amazon

Meeting Owl Pro

Do you want a bigger field of view, more audio pickup range, and even higher quality camera than the Logitech BCC950? You better get ready to empty your pockets! Meeting Owl pro is undoubtedly better at these features, but a higher price point downgraded it to the second spot on our list.

Housed in a very innovative (owlish?) design, the Meeting Owl Pro offers a 360 degrees 1080p HD view field and audio pickup range of 18 feet (5.5 meters). That means everyone in the room will get heard and seen. No matter where they’re sitting. No need to sit in front of the cam. Isn’t that amazing?

Moreover, autofocus works excellent. The camera shifts focus on different people and highlight them as they speak. The setup is also a breeze. Simply plug and play. What’s more, this unique conference cam is compatible with all of your favorite web-based applications, software, and services. Whether it’s GoToMeeting, Zoom, Webex, Skype, or Google Hangouts, everything works like a charm.

Overall, Meeting Owl Pro is a worthy upgrade of the Meeting Owl. It is better than the previous model in all respects. That’s why it’s perfect for medium and large-sized conference rooms.

More Details on Meeting Owl Pro: Amazon

Logitech MeetUp HD

Logitech meetup focuses on simplicity and performance. It’s yet another best webcam, speaker, microphone combo for small conference rooms. We will explain why!

It has an impressive field of view spanning 120 degrees. However, with motorized pan/tilt, you can increase it to 170 degrees. That means it captures a wide arc, and pretty much everyone sitting around the boardroom table. The captured video is sharp as it supports 720p, 1080p as well as the futuristic 4k resolution. You can download the Logitech remote application and control its pan tilt and zoom features using your smartphone.

Second, its audio is optimized for small conference room acoustics. The Meetup has three microphones and a custom-tuned speaker to give you ultra-clear audio of the room. Because of a compact and sleek design, it can also double as a speakerphone. Simply connect it to your smartphone with an easy Bluetooth connection and improve your team’s productivity.

All in all, Logitech Meetup HD is ideal for impromptu collaborative sessions. It is compact. It is plug and play. And it works right out of the box. without any software. A higher than average price point, maybe it’s the only downside, though.

More Details on Logitech MeetUp HD: Amazon

NexiGo Business Webcam

With so many businesses going virtual these days, not everyone can afford to spend upwards of $100 on a webcam. If you’re one of them, we bring you an exceptional budget cam that fulfills all of your video conferencing needs. Well, maybe not all. But definitely, most of them!

The video quality is decent. Don’t expect 4k. It is powered by the 1080p HD 2-Megapixel CMOS technology. So you can record or live stream videos up to 1080p @30fps. 3.6mm glass lens offers great autofocus when video recording and crisp pictures. It also features a pre-built dual digital stereo microphone with auto noise-cancellation. That means even in noisy environments, the audio remains natural.

It is plug-and-play and requires no complicated setup. Plugin the USB and start working. A great feature of this little webcam is easy to reach privacy cover. Cover the lens when not in use. This way, you can protect yourself from the prying eyes of hackers or third party organizations.

Unfortunately, you can’t change the pan and tilt of the camera. So the field of vision is somewhat limited when compared with high-end cams featured above. But of course, you get what you pay for. At this price range, no other conference cam delivers such exceptional performance.

More Details on NexiGo Business Webcam: Amazon

eMeet C980 Pro Webcam

Coming in next on our list of the best webcam, speaker, microphone combo is another budget-friendly conference cam. Aesthetically, it looks a lot like the much-coveted Logitech’s C922 Pro. But don’t expect the same level of performance, although you do get 1080p video resolution @30fps!

Inside the eMeet C960, Pro is a 1920 x 1080p CMOS sensor chip with a four-element plastic lens covered by a robust anti-glare coating. While the video quality is decent, keep in mind that C980 is not built for cozy late-night chats. The webcam’s dual microphones include noise-canceling circuitry for more clarity. Each of the two microphones is spaced far enough to give a reasonably wide stereo effect. The webcam itself is relatively large and measures 12 cm across the bottom.

With its built-in hinge mechanism, you can tilt the camera through 90 degrees. However, there’s no panning adjustment and no companion software to let you change the settings manually. Like other cams featured in this article, it’s also a plug and play device. Simply plugging in the USB will enable your computer to recognize the webcam as well as the two built-in microphones.

That said, this is an overall affordable option with decent performance. If you’re on a tight budget, eMeet C980 Pro is worth looking into.

More Details on eMeet C980 Pro Webcam: Amazon

Sherry Wide Angle Web Camera

The Sherry Wide Angle is simple, affordable and compatible with Linux including Ubuntu and other distros. It comes with a neat tripod so you can position it for best viewing without having to clip onto your computer monitor. USB connectivity is how you connect the device. The camera itself is wide angle with clear images and a privacy shutter for when you want to turn it off. For $40 to $50 this is a good selection to get the job done.

Sherry Wide Angle Web Camera

We at LinuxHint.com did a test run of the Sherry Wide Angle Web Camera with photos below. First here is a pic of the box and the unboxing. Then we have pictures of the device propped on the tripod that comes in the box; and finally a picture of the webcam working as expected with an Ubuntu Linux System. The device worked out of the box for us with no configuration on Ubuntu 20.04 other than tweaking the selection of microphone and audio settings in Ubuntu system settings.

Sherry Webcam in box

Sherry Webcam Unboxed

Sherry Webcam with Tripod

Sherry Webcam with Ubuntu Linux System

More Details on Sherry Wide Angle Web Camera: Amazon

Buyer Guide: What Features to Keep in Mind

If you are still procrastinating about which cam is more suitable for you, below are vital features to chew over (besides the obvious financial consideration).

Video Quality
In today’s world, there’s no place for 480p. You should either aim for a full HD or ultra HD video resolution if you want a lasting impression on your audience. But consider your internet speed too. A higher video resolution consumes more bandwidth. So, if you have slow internet, HD will work too. We don’t want any lags during the live session.

Look for a microphone that has a built-in noise-canceling functionality. This becomes more important if you are working from a busy business hub. Boardrooms are usually pretty controlled spaces. Therefore, we suggest considering your environment as well when looking at the microphone specs. Secondly, make sure the speakers are as far wide as possible for a better stereo sound effect.

View Field
A wider view field helps capture a panoramic view of the environment. It’s not as important if you’re conferencing from a small room. Nevertheless, if you are presenting important company information in a room full of other participants, a camera with a wide field of view is worth considering. This will ensure that none of the action or detail is overlooked during the live session.

Autofocus helps viewers visualize the speaker. In case there are multiple speakers, you need a conference cam that can autofocus on the person speaking at that time. Not all conference cams come with autofocus, and you don’t need this feature for one on one meetups.

Final Thoughts

All things considered, these cameras provide the best webcam, speaker, microphone combo out of all the other webcams we have reviewed on this site. Their wide range of compatibility, exceptional features, and performance has earned them the trust of hundreds of users all over the world. We hope that you can now make an informed purchase with the help of all the information presented in this article. That’s just about it. Good luck!

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