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Ring lights are uber flattering. They make your videos look more professional by providing continuous illumination. They turn dim basements and makeshift offices into professional-looking work environments without any effort on your part. Whether you’re a professional working from home, Vlogger, YouTuber, or a content creator, you need one of the best Ring lights for the webcam to look your finest.Over the course of 7 days, we tried multiple top-rated Ring lights to determine which ones offer the best performance when paired with a webcam. As a result, we’re confident to call these five Ring lights the best you can get in 2020. Read on for our reviews!

Neewer18 inches Ring Light (Model:10088612)

Neewer is famous for manufacturing professional DSLR and photography equipment. For almost a decade, their equipment has fascinated professional photographers, and this 18 inches Ring light has become a staple in recent years.

It provides a continuous light of up to 5500K thanks to 240 LED SMD LED lightbulbs. This can get super bright. Fortunately, the light is dimmable. We found that even the first and second brightness settings are more than enough for every dark environment. The two sets of filters (white and orange) sit on top of the equipment for a warm or white light effect.

The Ring light is slightly heavy for the stand. Make sure to angle it right, pair it with any Bluetooth device, and you should be good to go. Apart from the 18 inches Ring Light and color filters, the kit includes a 155cm adjustable Light tripod, Soft Tube, Ball Head Shoe Adapter, Universal Power Adapter, a cam Holder, and a carrying bag.

The only drawback is that it is AC powered. So the stand placement can get tricky if there are no power outlets nearby. But that’s a minor gripe. You can always get an extension wire. Overall, this is an exceptional Ring light, and it comes at a very affordable price as well.

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UBeesize Ring Light Kit

The second best Ring light for webcams is Ubeesize Ring Light Kit. It offers studio-quality illumination at a fraction of the cost. It is easy to use right out of the box.

Made of 384 pieces of LED bulbs, this Ring light provides a powerful lighting option. The color temperature can be adjusted from 3000 to 6000k, while brightness is also changeable from 1000 to 5000 lm.

You can easily adjust the settings with its sliding scale or the accompanying Bluetooth remote. In fact, there are two BT remotes in the package: One for adjusting the light and another for your phone. The remote is also capable of taking pictures or videos with just one click of a button. But it feels like made of cheap plastic.

The tripod stand is sturdy and includes mounts for both smartphones and a DSLR, which is a really nice touch. It has height and angle adjustments, giving you plenty of mounting options to work with. Comparatively, it’s a tad expensive but offers more setting adjustments making it a more versatile choice for different applications.

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AceTakenSelfie Ring Light

The Acetaken Ring light is a unique multipurpose illumination tool for webcams. It’s unique in the sense that it features two gooseneck arms: One for the cam and another for the Ring light. This makes it ideal for a variety of applications – not just live videos and beauty shots.

The light adjustments work as advertised. Besides, the Ring light has a 24.2 inches arm that can bend to any shape, thanks to a 360 degrees rotatable lazy bracket clip. You can adjust the arm to any angle you please, whether for live broadcasts, selfies, video chats, or a Livestream. The goosenecks are sturdy and stable. They hold their position even if you bump them slightly.

In addition, the phone holder is made of hard plastic and seems to fit any sized phone(with or without a case). It features a steel pivot ball so you can turn your phone sideways if you want.

The AcetakenRinglight, Comes with a good-length USB charger cord, a light stand, a phone holder, and a webcam adapter set. You have to plug in the cord for it to work. Although AceTaken recommends it only for Logitech webcams like Logitech C925e, C922x, C615, C930e, C922, C930, C920, and Brio 4K, we believe it can work with other webcams (like Razer Kiyo) as well.

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ELEGIANT Selfie Light Ring (Model: EGL07)

If you’re looking for a small Ring light for a cam and smartphone that can sit on your desk without shaking, search no more. As you can see, it has not two but three rotatable gooseneck arms. One is 55cm, while the other two are 35cm. Whether that’s a plus or a minus depends on your use. Professionals can utilize this combination in multiple ways. However, novices may struggle with the third arm as it can get in their way.

It has three light modes: natural, warm, and cold, with color temperature ranging from 3000K to 6500k. There are ten different brightness levels, giving you the option to adjust the settings according to your needs.

Unfortunately, there’s no instructional manual. So you have to figure out the assembly by yourself. It’s easy, though. Simply unscrew the coupler from the grip, then slip the coupler over its holder, attach the grip and tighten up the coupler to stabilize the Ring light. And you’re good to go! The cord is rather short, though.

Overall, Elegiant’s innovation does a fantastic job of combining a flexible design with a sturdy structure while staying functional. It’s compatible with almost any device that supports a USB port and comes with a ¼ inches thread hold. Highly recommended if you’re on a tight budget!

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Neewer LED Ring Light

We’re closing our reviews with another Neewer model that has taken the live streamer community by storm. In comparison to the top pick, this one is small, lightweight, low-priced, and more portable. Indeed, it won’t illuminate your entire room, but it is bright enough to make you look your best when all other lights are turned off.

Designed with convenience in mind, it has three light modes: cold, warm, and mixed. There are 11 light adjustments for each of them. Therefore you can adjust the brightness according to your surrounding and needs. As it comes attached to a ball turntable mount, you can angle it to the sides. Besides, it’s ¼ inches and comfortably fits all the same size screw threads.

Because of its smaller size, where there’s no place to hold your mobile phone. The package includes no stand either. With such a small size, you don’t even need one. Plug it into the USB port and place it right next to your laptop. No need to struggle with lengthy AC cords or DC batteries at all.

All in all, Neewer’s 6 inches Ring light is perfect for small streaming setups.

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A Buyer’s guide for the best Ring Light for webcams

Still, feeling confused about which Ring light to go for? Consider these three things before heading out for a purchase.

Light Intensity
Higher light intensity is required for shoots that need highly accurate color coordination. This is because a higher lumen means a strong light, which helps in differentiating between different colors. So your job involves working with colors, then go for a model that offers more light intensity. Some lights come with a dimmer, which provides greater control over brightness. As a matter of fact, never go for a model that offers only one brightness setting.

The color temperature of the light impacts your interior and the overall atmosphere of the room. It also determines how people feel when they’re, they’re around you. You can either keep the temperature warm or cold, depending on your requirements. High-end Ring lights come with various snap filters you can utilize to make your shoots appear cooler or warmer. These temperature dimmers are put on top of the Ring light for the desired effect.

Your look depends on the distance. For crisp videos, keep the source within a two feet distance. Some Ring light kits include tripod stands, which make distance adjustments very straightforward. Play around with distance adjustments a little until you get the desired look and appearance. Make sure the stands are stable enough to hold the weight of the Ring light as well as the webcam.  Stands make distance adjustments easy. You can adjust the height and distance if you want.

Fluorescent Tubes or LEDs?
Both types of Ring lights come with their own pros and cons. LEDs are more durable. They can easily withstand any rough handling. However, Fluorescent tubes are fragile and need caution while handling. LEDs are harder to replace, though. In case of failure, you may have to buy a new Ring light. With a fluorescent tube, you just have to replace the tube.

Final Thoughts

That’s all about the Best Ring lights for webcams. Weigh all of your requirements and then compare them to the options given here. The quality of all of the options mentioned here is beyond an iota of double. Still, if you feel confused, keep in mind our buyer’s guide section, and you will never go wrong with purchasing a Ring light for your webcam. Good luck!

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