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Best VR Sensor Stand kits

Are you tired of people accidentally walking past (or standing in front) of the lighthouses and disrupting your VR experience? What if you could take your HTC Vive anywhere? What if you could turn any space into a gaming stage? This is precisely what a VR sensor stand Kit does.

To help you get the best VR sensor stand kit, we dug deeper into the online marketplaces. We looked at customer reviews, compared and contrasted features, and of course, considering the cost for affordability. As a result, below are the five best tripods to hold your VR Lightboxes (or any other equipment).

1. Fovitec 2x 7’6″ Light Stand VR Compatible Kit

Take your gaming stage anywhere with Fovitec’s lightweight VR Sensor stand Kit. Through adjustable height, stable tripod legs, and adjustable sensor positioning, these sensor stands greatly enhance your VR experience.

Apart from the portability advantage, this sensor stands can reach a maximum height of 7 feet. Tall enough to capture your every move. You can shorten the height if you want. Fully expanded stands have an approximately 18 inches footprint. Moreover, you can mount a 360 degrees adjustable ball head on each stand, giving you more options to precisely adjust and accommodate any space.

The stand set up is very straightforward. Simply mount the ball head to the stand, fix the sensor on the ball head, adjust the height as per your requirement, align the sensors towards your gaming zone, and you’re all set! What’s more, the ball head mount (included in the package) can also be attached to monopods and DSLR camera for videography or photography.

That is why Fovitec’s Sensor stands are ideal for pairing with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive lighthouse, whether in a temporary or permanent gaming setup. PS: The product comes with a carrying bag to help you pack up your studio anytime.

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2. Skywin VR Tripod Stand Kit

Tired of wall mounting your HTC Vive? Not anymore! This HTC Vive and Occulus Rift constellation compatible tripod takes your VR headset anywhere you want. Position your sensors anywhere you want or fold away for easy portability and storage as you travel around the world.

The stands come already assembled right out of the box. You only have to adjust the height if you want (29 inches when collapsed and extending to 7 and a half feet). The screw that tightens the height could have been more durable, though. Once height has been adjusted, mount the camera or your VR sensors, set the sensor direction, and you’re all set. For extra stability, you can expand the bottom.

The ¼ inches adjustable ball head (swivel) mounts make the sensors super easy to adjust in all directions and configure. Just make sure you get all the four parts (two stands and two adjustable ball head mounts) when you get the delivery.

All in all, if you are tall and often get into problems with room scaling, we highly recommend Skywin’s VR Tripod stands for VR sensors. Unfortunately, they don’t come with a carrying bag, so you have to shell out some extra dollars for portability.

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3. Neewer Adjustable Light Stands

Yet another flexible option to improve your VR experience is Neewer’s Adjustable light stands. Even though Neewer has introduced the latest model with the height ranging up to 9 feet, we included it in our list because of its affordability. Besides, who really needs a 9 feet tripod stand for VR?

The height of these stands ranges from 26 inches to 75, which has become a sort of market standard for VR sensor stands. The tripods are stable. But the mechanism to loosen the legs may test your patience.

The ball head adapters with a regular 1/4 screw thread base can withstand loads up to 13.5 lbs, which is more than any other stand mentioned in this list. The reason being they have a larger footprint. However, if you push the leg adjustment up – increasing the height – the stands get less stable.

Although these tripods can be used for photo video shoots, we wouldn’t recommend mounting expensive DSLR camera with a longer lens because they can be wobbly at maximum height. So outdoor shoots on a windy day with Neewer’s stands are a big no-no! PS: The package includes no carrying bag.

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4. AmazonBasics Aluminum Light Photography Tripod Stand Kit

People prefer AmazonBasic’s products because of their affordability, and this product is no different. The two tripod stands come at almost half the cost of the above-mentioned product. Although intended for photography, AmazonBasic’s tripod stands are strong and durable enough to hold your base units for the VR headset.

The height is adjustable and extends from 2.8 feet to 6.7 feet, making it possible to get the right position for your equipment. Simply turn the switches to tighten or loosen and get your desired height. A ¼ inches screw tip allows easy, secure attachment of different add-ons like standard/strobe lights, backgrounds, tilter, swivel, etc. Please note, these stands work fine without any swivel add-on for fitting VR sensors.

The stands are made of aluminum with a sleek design. Once fully expanded, the stands offer a 1.1 pounds load capacity, which is fairly decent. You can even increase this capacity by adding weights. However, we would recommend caution while using these stands with expensive units – especially on windy days.

Overall, AmazonBasic’s Tripod stands are a very basic setup. They lack any advanced features like air cushioning. But their cost-effectiveness, portability, and simplicity make for a product worth considering – especially if you’re arranging your studio indoors. Plus, they’re backed by AmazonBasic’s standard one year warranty.

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5. Foto&Tech Metal Adjustable VR Light Stands


Alright! This one is specifically designed to enhance your VR experience with HTC VIVE Lightboxes. But that’s not the only use. The Foto&Tech’s metal tripod stands are perfect for on-site photography/videography and even product/portrait shoots.

The three-segment stands can expand to a maximum height of 7 feet and fold down to 3 and a half feet for easy portability. These tripods are sturdy, lightweight, versatile, and straightforward to setup. Yeah, no screwing the walls!

What’s more, the standard base can withstand up to 8 pounds of load, locks solidly, and moves without ruining your floor. For additional stability, extend the bottom so that it doesn’t extend past the legs and make it wobble. Also, the 360-degree rotatable mini ball heads accompanying the package cover your every move. Its standard ¼ inches screw thread fits most cameras and is included for the VIVE Lightboxes.

That said, Foto&Tech – a relative newcomer – surprised us with this product. These stands work as advertised. They are lightweight, easy to adjust, and easy to move around the room if needed. Highly recommended!

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Best VR Sensor Stand Kits – Buyer’s Guide

Still confused about which tripod stands fit your needs? Worry not, dear reader! Take a look at the buyer’s guide portion below for the features you should consider.

Lightweight Vs. C-Stand

Lightweight stands are ideal for beginners. They are easy to carry around, and most of them are pretty economical. Try purchasing one with an air-shock feature. It will protect the mounted gear.

C-Stands, on the other hand, is intended for professionals who like outdoor adventures. They are made to give extra stability and durability. That’s why these can be somewhat expensive.

All the products mentioned in our article are lightweight.


When you mount expensive gears on these stands, it is essential to get a stand that takes the weight off them. Durable stands do just that – and for longer periods. The VR stands mentioned above are either made of aluminum or an alloy of aluminum. It is naturally corrosion-resistant, which helps increase the equipment’s life span.


Sandbags are not an integral part of the tripods. Nevertheless, they are used to add more weight and hence stabilize it – especially the lightweight stands. We recommend purchasing a few sandbags. It may come in handy.


Weight is another important consideration. While you should never go for flimsy stands, it is equally important to avoid heavy tools as they made cause inconvenience when moving them around the place. That is why we suggest purchasing tripods made of heavy-duty aluminum with durable metal knobs.


Don’t restrict yourself by getting a product that can only be used for one purpose. Instead, get one that can be used to set up different types of equipment in different environments. Look for a tripod that accommodates add-ons. This way, you can add swivels, weights, etc. to transform the stand even if it initially didn’t support that functionality.

Wrapping It Up

That’s all about the best VR sensor stand kits. These stands don’t require permanent installation, so you can maximize your VR space without any limitation. The products mentioned in this article are top of the line because of their quality. Nevertheless, knowing what you need saves your time, energy, and safeguards against making a bad purchase. Therefore, we hope the buyer’s guide section has been able to convey all the information you need. Any thoughts or suggestions? let us know in the usual space!

Good luck, and thank you for reading.

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