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10 best VR driving simulators

The virtual reality, which once was an imagination, is now becoming a reality. Developers have an interest in this medium, too. Many major game creators have been porting their titles to virtual reality. Huge Success of Half-Life: Alyx is one of the greatest motives for developers to develop for VR. Half-Life also shows the potentiality of high-end VR gaming.

Virtual Reality is suitable for the racing genre. The genre of racing was the first game genre to embrace Virtual reality. Racing games are seated VR experiences, meaning there would be fewer risks of motion sickness. Driving a vehicle in a virtual environment gives you the feeling that you are a professional driver. VR racing simulators are quite suitable for the training of professional racers. The racing simulator is no less than a joy for a petrolhead because possibly they play an auto racing game when they’re not driving.

As video game technology rapidly progressing, chances are soon VR will become the standard for racing games. If you’re a Vive, Oculus, or PlayStation VR user, then luckily, some fantastic race simulators are available to have fun with.

We’ll cover top VR racing simulators in this article.

1. Project Cars

The project car is known for its advanced driving simulation and excellent graphics. Project Cars was one of the first games ported to virtual reality. This game is developed by Slightly Mad Studios, a lesser-known company, yet the success of the first game makes them deliver a sequel and smartphone version of Project Cars Go.

Project Cars came out for PC in 2015, and it is supported by Oculus Rift and is available on Steam for $29.99.

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2. Gran Tourismo Sport

Gran Tourismo is a well established PlayStation racing simulator and main race franchise. Polyphony Digital did a fantastic job with graphics. They paid incredible attention to detail. Cars especially look authentic, and the interior of the cars is rich in detail. If you love a hyper-realistic experience of driving simulators, then this game is not going to disappoint you.

This game is PlayStation exclusive. To enjoy the experience, you will need a PS camera and PSVR headset. This game can be purchased at $29.99 on the PlayStation Store.

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3. Assetto Corsa

This is yet another race simulator developed by KUNOS-Simulazioni and released in 2014 for PC. It was later deployed to Xbox One and PS4. This game wasn’t particularly designed for VR but was later ported for VR by the developer.

This game has a wide range of tracks and cars with an outstanding physics engine. Great visuals and impressive gameplay camouflaged the flaws since it was a ported game. This game does have many positive reviews. Assetto Corsa is on Steam for $8.19 and PlayStation Store for $29.99. For the PC edition, you can use headsets like Vive or Rift.

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4. iRacing VR

iRacing is a subscription-based game and is available exclusively for Windows PC. The game’s name sounds dull, but don’t let the name fool you. It’s one of the best racing simulators. The game is a very challenging one. There is very remarkable attention to detail and visuals. You may enjoy the immersive experience as a NASCAR driver or as a Formula 1 racer with VR assistance.

This game is up for $12.99 a month on Steam. This game, like other race simulators, also supports HTC Vive, Vive Pro, Oculus Rift, and Pimax.

5. rFactor 2

rFactor is a racing simulator released in 2013 for the Windows platform. The VR feature was introduced later by developer Studio 397. The game uses an advanced physics engine called DX11. This game features over 67 cars and tracks at 32 different locations.

This game is available exclusively on Steam for $11.25. All main VR headsets are compatible with this game like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

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6. Live for Speed

Live for speed is another online racing simulator, created by a team of 3 people. This is the oldest simulator for racing that was launched in 2002. The intention was to provide the fans of racing games with realistic racing experience. It’s now ported to VR. The Demo edition is free to download but upgrade licenses can be bought up to $24. You will get additional cars and track with these licenses.

Both VR headsets such as Oculus Rift and HTC Vive support this.

7. RaceRoom Racing Experience

For Windows machines, this is another driving simulator with amazing graphics. With lots of luxury cars and tracks, you can play online and offline. Other content can be purchased from Steam Wallet.

The advent of virtual reality has also inspired developers to port this game to VR. It is compatible with headsets like HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

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8. Driveclub VR

Driveclud is unquestionably one of PlayStation’s best-looking titles. This game is available exclusively for PlayStation 4 and was produced by Evolution Studios and released by Sony in 2014. This game has more than 80 cars and 100 tracks that look incredible in the world of virtual reality.

Sony has shut down the servers for Driveclub multiplayer gaming in March 2020. But you can still enjoy single-player mode. The Playstation VR headset and PlayStation camera is a must to enjoy the game’s immersive atmosphere.

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9. DirtRally VR

The DirtRally VR delivers an immersive car rally experience. With excellent gameplay, this game demonstrates realism. This game comes with breathtaking visuals. There are over 50 cars and 8 nicely laid out tracks.

This game is on Steam for $20, and on PlayStation Store for $39.99. PSVR, HTC, and Oculus share device compatibility.

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10. Project Cars 3

Developer Slightly Mad Studios will now be offering project cars 3 after the first 2 remarkable games. Over 200 cars and 120 tracks come with this game. This game reflects considerable progress. This game can be played with HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and PlayStation VR and is sponsored by VR.

Project Cars 3 provides the best virtual reality experience this franchise has ever provided. It’s available on Steam and PlayStation store for $59.99.

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Racing games are evolving rapidly. Tracks, landscapes, and vehicles look more natural than ever. The physics of the cars has significantly improved. Developers are trying to make innovation in racing games and making them as real as possible. The best examples are racing simulators where you can enjoy the real racing experience, whether you are a professional racer of a fan of a car racing game. The introduction of VR innovates the car race game experience. You will feel like you are driving a real car with a VR headset and steering wheel accessories. VR experience is pretty fun, and if you’re a professional racer, then just sitting in your room, you can race on any track in the world. Virtual reality will change the car racing game’s future.

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