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Best VR Bodysuits to Buy

There have been some really weird devices related to Virtual Reality, and today we are going to talk about something different and amazing, and it is the VR bodysuit, also known as a Haptic-Suit. When you wear this suit while playing a game and if someone touches or shoots you, you get the feeling of being touched and the actual feeling of being shot on your body. It is an excellent step up for Virtual Reality. First, we got the ability to see, then the ability to move in the virtual world, and now the ability to feel, virtual reality is getting closer to reality. People are getting more and more interested in getting the Haptic suit so that they can sense the action going on within the game as if they are in the game.These suits are quite comfortable to wear. They are equipped with sensors for feedback, which makes the situations feel more realistic.These suits are skin tight and made up of spandex, so all the sensors attached to the suit sticks to your body, which let you feel real sensations. Many companies are making these suits, and they come in all sizes for children and adults, male or female. These suits are equipped with batteries and connected with the VR system via Bluetooth, so the suit and the action going within the game sync during the act. These suits have straps to make it sticks to the body. Some of these Haptic suits are made up of special conductive threads with a layer of waterproof neoprene (synthetic rubber) that makes them easily washable and wearable again once it gets cleaned.

Some VR body/gaming suits are listed below:

  • Tesla Suit
  • Nullspace VR
  • Axon VR
  • Rapture Vest
  • Synesthesia Suit

Tesla Suit

Tesla suit covers the whole body allowing you to feel the realistic environment within the game. It will help you to interact with the character/environment within the VR that was not possible before. The suit offers you to feel the touch and any object within the virtual reality world. These VR suits are utilized in the training of athletes and patients in rehabilitation centers by transmitting sensations to the body through neuromuscular electrical stimulation. The sensations generated from stimulators are the same as the actual body senses, e.g., hearing, touch, and vision.

Nullspace VR

Nullspace VR bodysuit is the gaming suit in which only the upper body senses the feedback from the virtual world. It involves the chest, arms, and hands. So, it’s an application for the upper body system with a haptic response. It has 32 sensors attached to the suit and vibrators on the chest, stomach, shoulders, arms, and hands. Nullspace VR suits have 117 effects to make you feel the game. And it also gives the developer more ability to play around. This suit is accepted by all computers VR headsets that run with the help of software support. Moreover, the suit is lightweight, adaptable to the body, and can be worn over clothes.

Axon VR

AxonVR has developed tactile technology, which is used in video games. The HaptX, it is a VR bodysuit that can give you a real feel of temperature, movement, structure, and texture of different virtual things in the video game. It is a lightweight virtual reality bodysuit.

Rapture Vest

It is another haptic gaming suit, which is specifically designed for The Void (A virtual reality destination). It is a very high-quality VR experience. This suit is very lightweight and comfortable for the players so they can enjoy the virtual environment calmly. This virtual bodysuit has four different kinds of haptic sensations, which can be felt by the players at different levels and environments in the game. Every object has various interactions and sensations with the body of the player in the virtual world.

Synesthesia Suit

It is a multi-sensor VR bodysuit, launched after the concept of the video game “Rez infinite.” There are 26 sensors in this suit, which makes the player’s body vibrate with melodies, and LED lights are also attached with it that lights up along with the vibration. There are different lights with different colors, which change with the game environment. This game allows a player to experience music with vibrations and different sensory organs like hearing, sight, and touch.


VR world with just headsets lacked the tactile feedback feature, and without feedback, interaction with other objects in the games was bland. These VR suits have added those features and characteristics which allow a user to sense the virtual world and get tactile feedback. The haptic bodysuits with virtual reality are an impressive combination for the players to feel the situations in the virtual reality surroundings. Enjoying a game with a VR suit adds another level of realism in the VR video games. These bodysuits are also used in rehabilitation centers.

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